Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OMG - A new post!!!

a quickie - now that i've realized that the app that i downloaded automatically puts all the pics i take with my phone onto photobucket....welll posting SHOULD be easier! yahoo!!

Enjoy your Christmas Craziness!! just 2 more days of work for me, then i'm off till Jan. 3rd! YAAYAYA!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

the semi-annual post, ha!

ok so here goes, I'm leaving tomorrow straight from work for Boston for work and then stopping in NYC for fun. The week before Christmas, I know insane right?! and of for petes sake work has been insanely busy plus pretty much Oct-Dec. is pretty much weekend activities for the kids non-stop. ok so.... update since my last true....

1. Jonahs 3rd
2. Pre-school class for Jonah - next sept they say he will go into the Kindergarten class.
3. t-ball - yeah he liked eating the donuts better...
4. swimming class - not so great at putting his face under yet, but getting there!
5. gymnastics - so stinking cute!
6. applefest - lucas was not as big of a fan of the rides as jonah...
7. Lucas turned 1!!! - my big boy! - he still nurses...i made his cake from scratch. took forever and turned out dry. but he didnt care, he just tore into it. :)
7.5 - bad haircut for Jonah - think Lloyd from dumb and dumber.
8. orchards - yay for fall in Michigan
9. me to UCLA by myself for a week with a stop over in the ATL, holla! (by myself!)
9.5 saw the guy who plays the dad on The Middle and who used to play the Janitor on scrubs! He was sitting right behind me.
9. thanksgiving - yummy!
10. christmas activities - Frankenmuth, Rochester, Holly, Crossroads, Christmas Tree hunting
11. me to Boston then NYC (by myself!)

Lucas doesnt say much, but what he does say is so cute! i'll have to get it on video, i'm terrible at that..oh and he shrugs his shoulders for no reason and recently learned how to do hi-5 because the boy loves to hit... so we figured we should show him a way he can do it and not get in trouble. oh and he sleeps through the night in his own bed.

Jonah spends most of the night in his own bed...up until we hear a door slam and feet in the middle of the night and then a face next to mine or sometimes i just wake up to his body in bed with us. Thats when you know you were tired, when you completely miss the fact that your child crawled into bed with you. Jonah is learning his letter sounds in school and is big into saying "so and so is not being nice to me". usually its mommy or daddy because we told him no. ha!. oh and "your not my best friend" which we put the kabash on because thats mean to say to other kids. oh and today "that hurt my feelings" that was my bad... i asked him if someone hurt his feelings... yes... daddy did... cuz he told him no. i have a seemingly very emotional 3.5 yr old of late. excited for christmas... this year he wanted a skateboard, a 2 wheel scooter, a dolphin pillow pet, super hero stuff, and thanks to a trip to Ikea - a Kitchen (which is why we went to Ikea) so i was super excited when he said that he thought we "needed" one.

we had a snow day today!! woo hoo!

ok so i know more has happened since then but well its been so long frankly i forgot. ha!

life is crazy - crazy good, baby!


Here's some pictographic evidence...



Wednesday, October 20, 2010


more to come... swimming lessons, karate class, gymnastics, fall fun and festivities!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Almost a year?!

Baby Chubs is turning 1 in a few days. It seems like just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital to welcome a new brother for Jonah. I know it's so cliche to say, but time goes by so fast.


I look back at the last year and you know what i remember most about Lucas? yes, he's adorable and funny and all the stuff you are supposed to say about your baby, but what comes to mind the most is - nursing! this boy LOVES to nurse and I think thats what i love most about him, cuz i am the only one that can do that. Call me selfish, but it's just something me and him can do and so long as he wants me i'm all his. :-) i'll probably cry when the day comes when he's not grabbing at my shirt or literally running to fall into my chest. Nursing keeps him my little baby and he can stay that way for as long as he wants.


Oh and he dances. my favorite is when he gets his head going side to side. hilarious. proof! -


His birthday party is this weekend and ALL his grandparents, aunt, uncles, and cousins will be at the house. We are all so excited!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneakity Peek.....(ok more than a sneak peek)

My talented sister, Tasha of the acclaimed Swartz Creek studio,Tasha Stuve Photography, took our pics Sunday!! Here's a few! Ok so more than a few... ha!



Oh and the cuzzies!!!
OK so i posted a bunch!! they were all so cute!!!!

Thanks Tash!!!!