Wednesday, March 10, 2010

in the still of the night

As usual when I finally get around to posting, I probably should be sleeping. Oh well, I can sleep when I'm old and retired. But then that's the odd thing...old people can't sleep. They all seem to get up at the crack of dawn. So maybe I'll sleep...hmm...I know...I'll learn to live on not much sleep. That, my fellow mothers is the answer to sleep. Just learn to live with less. When I don't feel like waking up tomorrow at 5:30 I will tell myself that sleep is highly over rated, cuz it is right?!

On the up side, its currently 11:32 and Lucas has been sleeping since 7:30 and he' been in his bed since 9:30. I wonder how long he will sleep for tonight. Oh and good rule of thumb...if your child has an alterately runny and stuffy green boogery nose for a month - it's probably a sinus infection. Save yourself alot of headache and should I or shouldnt I and just go to the dr. and get the pink stuff. Lucas has been taking the pink stuff really well since Sunday and his nose is super clear. Yay! At first it was an epic struggle to get him to take it but after some prayer he now takes his meds like a champ. Not quite as well as his drug loving older brother but pretty well. And speaking of his older brother, I have never met a kid that loved taking medicine more than #1. The kid would take meds all the time if I let him. Thank goodness for flavored liquid vitamins!

Jonah is also getting really good at talking on the phone. It's so sweet to hear him have a conversation. Sunday night he talked to Aunt Jamie and Friday night he talked to Elias' friend Nate (whom he's never met) for like 7 minutes straight!

Oh and big news! I got Jonah's 1 year book in and I love it! except for I messed up and 1 of the pages got printed twice. Urgh. So i'm going to have the correct one printed and just stick it in. And speaking of books....Here is the cover page and page 2 of Lucas' first year book.


I know I posted again and its not even been a month! lol. now i'm going to bed.

Sleep tight all! it's 11:42 and this momma is outa here!

Monday, March 1, 2010


So I'm going to purge whatever comes to mind. For the past while when I do find the time to write something I get bogged down with what will be interesting or whatever when in reality, who cares? I mean, who am I blogging for? For the 4 people who regularly read the blog or for myself as another form of expression? Anyone who knows me knows I like to talk, so lucky me there's blogging so I can write about every mundane thought that pops into my head. Just thought I'd share my living room...


Like currently, I'm watching Jonah "walk" in Lucas's walker while Disney's Imagination Movers plays in the background. Lucas is teething on his pacifier sitting in his Daddy's lap. Jonah's current favorite show is Nick Jr's - "Wonder Pets". the stinking theme song gets stuck in my head for days and I find myself singing it. Which of course gets me in trouble with Jonah who says I can't sing because THE MUSIC IS NOT ON. Apparenly the only time you can sing it is when you are watching the show. So at first I kinda hated the show.... It's amazing how "acquired taste" can also work for kids shows. Jonah is now dancing to the closing song of the Imagination Movers to which he just said, "That's amazing". I think we watch too much tv, but thats for another blog when I start to feel guilty about it. Having boys...


I've come to realize that 2 is more work, but I'm not going to let that change things. I still take them both to the grocery store and target. When we go to Target we usually have to stop first to get a apple juice box and bag of popcorn. At our local grocery store "VG's" we stop at the deli section where Jonah gets a piece of deli meat or cheese and "brown stuff" (oreo or chocolate mousse).

Lucas is a beast and I mean that in the most lovingly way possible. He's bigger than Jonah was at the same age. He'll be 6 months in 2 weeks and he's already OVER 20 lbs. and his feet are size 4, He easily wears a size 12 mos. Seriously, tell me thats not beastly, ok, and super cute.



Oh and breast milk helps clear up crusty eyes and snotty noses. How might I know this? Well you did ask... I milked myself into a cup and then used a medicine dropper to drop drops of milk into his eyes and nose then for his nose I used the snot sucker. Yes, it is quite a visual.

ok and seriously, did we just duplicate the genes with these boys? Same age. I think if Lucas weren't quite so chunky they would look like identical twins. I'm still working on tweaking Lucas' page, but I wanted to put the comparison up there.


so Yay I blogged a DECENT Post!!!!!! gotta run, jonah is crying....