Monday, September 22, 2014

Previously on... blogging attempt #2896

Tisha was working full time.  She had 2 boys and 1 more on the way which she mistakenly thought would be a girl.

and seriously I have a gillion things to do that THAT is all I can blog.  Things on my to do list (might as well make the list on here since I started):

1. Create flyer for Jonahs largest school fundraiser to get volunteers from the HS.
2. Send email to Jonah's principal regarding a contest to get more parent sign ups FOR said fundraiser.
3. Create a 2nd ad for the school newsletter encouraging parents to sign up early for said fundraiser.
4. Email some parents the sign up link so they can volunteer at said event.
5. Edit page of volunteer lists for said event so that it is more accurate.
6. Work on chore chart lists for the boys to be framed for their bedroom and for downstairs.
7. Sew on patch for Jonah's cub scout uniform.
8. Start knitting mittens for the kids.

And Go!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

2 Years Later...

Jonah, 7 - 2nd Grade
Lucas, 5 - Young 5's
Liam , almost 18 months - at home still :)

3 Boys