Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mini Vacation Anyone?

Part One! Thursday we left work and headed to Tryon House Bed and Breakfast in Michigan City, Indiana on our way to Chicago.

It was a great farm house with so much character! Here are a bunch of pics!

funny thing jonah does

he rings the bell on his bike then he claps for himself. so funny!

Will post most chicago pics probably wednesday night or thursday. I'm going to Cedar Point with some girlfriends from work. Hillary, Courteney, Nahid and I will be gracing the Sandusky, OH area with our presence on Tuesday. Watch out!

Free Bum Genius!

Win free cloth diapers! Ok so if i win this I will get the free sprayer which will make the cloth diaper thing not so awful... I'd try them again!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting Caught Up!

Party pics and Petting Farm Pics. Just a few of them. Hopefully more later.

And now - to BED!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

2 more down, like 50 more to go

I'm not sure how I feel about the Disney pages. I'm leaning toward layout 2. Ideas, Suggestions for either page?

Layout 1

Layout 2

This next page I love because of the simplicity, well and cuz its so cute and funny!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

it's raining jonah, hallelujah!

I got these rainboots on clearance at payless. They are a little big but how could I resist?!

I probably shouldn't say this (cuz he's my baby boy), but he reminds me of a fireman stripper because he doesn't have on any pants. hahahahaha!

On a side note, I am getting behind in my blogging! Oh dear! I have a birthday party and trip to the petting zoo to add. From both of those I have a combined total of over 500 pictures to sift through!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tagged - I guess I'm it.

So enjoying the small things aka Kelle has tagged me to list 7 songs to which I am currently listening. At first I felt excited as if I'd been nominated for an Oscar award (lame, I know), then a big trepidatious as I'm not a music connoisseur. Then I thought, if I am musically shallow, that's ok. The following got cut because I couldn't have 9 - Regina Spektor "Fidelity and Josh Groban "You Raise Me Up". So here you go, have a listen to my current top 7 . :)

The bottom 3 are by Jonathan Coulton. I thought "Stroller Town" went well with this weeks Baby Gear Dilemma and, well, "Tom Cruise Crazy" is just funny. I Love the song "You Ruined Everything". He wrote it after his baby was born. I think it aptly describes how your life changes after a baby. Before you judge that I think Jonah ruined my life, take a listen to the song. :-)

Bonus - Clay Aiken - "When I see you Smile". I sang it to Jonah when I was pregnant and a lot when he was little. I sing it now every so often. Cheesy, but that's ok.

Hey Nathan, Tasha, and Grace - If you would like, you can be next. What are your top 7 of the moment?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2024 Summer Olympics Here We Come!

Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be the mom that took her kids to classes. T-ball, hockey, dance, ballet, guitar, piano, any and all of it was in the realm of possibility.

Tonight I was THAT mommy. I took Jonah to his first Gymnastics class. It was so much fun, he got a work out and so did I! He was so pooped afterword, he was in bed asleep by 7:15. He wanted to go to bed at 6, but I held him off.

Here is some of Jonah's fun from tonight. He has 2 outfits because I accidentally left my camera there so we had to go back and get it (so we took a few more pics).

Just his feet on the beam, so sweet.

Purchased - Decision Made

Why be Practical when "Impractability" is so FUN?!

I had to bump down this post so my boy could stay closer to the top!

I need professional help

I am completely torn about strollers. The practical side says get the Peg, it's the least expensive and has all the features I need (minus the adjustable handles).

The other funner more adventurous side says get the Cielo. It's SOOO cool looking. However,the Mia Moda doesn't have much protection from the elements - see the large gap between the top of the seat back and the canopy, but I was reading a review that said their kid really liked the openness.

Both hold up to 40 lbs. Do I need a stroller for more than a 40 lb kid? I say if the need is there when he's 50 lbs then we'll just buy another stroller or maybe a wheel chair.

So help me choose please.

Mia Moda Cielo

Peg Perego Pliko Lite

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Neverending Birthday!

We celebrated Jonah's 2nd 1st Birthday last Sunday at my parents with friends from church. We got the cake from VG's here in Fenton. It was free! Apparently, our local grocery store gives you the 1st birthday cake free. I think its brilliant because then they get more repeat business. For a cake from a grocery store bakery it was really good! Jonah sure loved it!

We also gave him is 1st car last week. A bit delayed due to bad weather. He was so cute! He saw the car and immediately he went to sit in it. It "goes" by pushing a button on the steering wheel. After about 5 minutes he figured out the button and off he went. I love this car because he can make it go and it has a pole in the back with a "go" button. So we can make it go and steer if needed. I don't think it will take him long to figure out how to steer. He already looks like a pro. I love the picture of him turning, like he already knows the drivers ed. rule hand over hand. Love his little "o" face when he figured out the button on the steering wheel. I love how satisfied his smile is. I love my Joners, my hugsy bugsy boy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get up off your feet and dance till you feel better!

Ok, so I finally have music on my blog. For any of you that are wondering how to make one of your own: Simply go here Sign up for an account and start searching, VoilĂ  - playlist!

When listening to this playlist you may feel the urge to do the following:
  1. Roll your eyes at the cheese (sadly I have an affinity for cheese).
  2. Cover your ears as, admittedly, I do not have the best taste in music.
  3. Turn it up and rock out.
  4. Turn it off as quickly as possible so no one thinks YOU were actually listening to THAT song.
  5. Feel grateful that I stopped adding at 3 backstreet boys and 1 britney song.
  6. Marvel at the number of "slow jams" and power ballads - hahaha!
  7. Send me a comment about what I should add or subtract or acknowledge that yes, there are some guilty pleasures on the list.
To Listen click play. It won't automatically start. Please leave a comment suggesting other songs or heckling or whatever your thoughts are about my song selections.

Music Player is located at the VERY bottom of this page. To view scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Am I the only one...

that lays in bed at night going over her "mommy moments"?
  • was I a good enough mommy today?
  • did I love him enough today?
  • does he love me? (then secretly - am I his favorite?)
  • last week when I did this or that was it OK?
  • is it weird that I don't worry when he falls down but I do worry that he might get a tick bite and then get the head stuck in his leg causing who knows what disease?
All to which Nathan answers: Yes, now go to sleep.

Wouldn't you obsess too if you saw this adorable, cute, wanna bite his cheeks, cuddly, sweet face everyday?


Being a mommy: finding inspiration not only in the everyday, but EVERY-DAY.


I love the Jonah B. Life is good, life is great, life is blessed.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Help me choose

Which layout is better? I think I like the top better because its different than the other 2 below, but I'm not sure... opinions?


Thursday, June 5, 2008


Jonah on his new "bike"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless inspirations

So lately my posts have been more photographic, less verbose and I think it's because its hard to express in words how much I love my boy. How can I put into words what Jonah B means to his mommy? The perfect words escape me. There are smiles. There is laughter. There are thankful prayers whispered to the Lord.

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.
Marion C. Garretty

2 sb pages, a redux of the 1st week pages I posted not too long ago.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let him eat Cake!

Dressed down to his diaper, Jonah attacked his cake and devoured half in the blink of an eye.

Jonah with his fancy birthday cake:
Jonah and Misty Jr. So adorable!