Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tagged - I guess I'm it.

So enjoying the small things aka Kelle has tagged me to list 7 songs to which I am currently listening. At first I felt excited as if I'd been nominated for an Oscar award (lame, I know), then a big trepidatious as I'm not a music connoisseur. Then I thought, if I am musically shallow, that's ok. The following got cut because I couldn't have 9 - Regina Spektor "Fidelity and Josh Groban "You Raise Me Up". So here you go, have a listen to my current top 7 . :)

The bottom 3 are by Jonathan Coulton. I thought "Stroller Town" went well with this weeks Baby Gear Dilemma and, well, "Tom Cruise Crazy" is just funny. I Love the song "You Ruined Everything". He wrote it after his baby was born. I think it aptly describes how your life changes after a baby. Before you judge that I think Jonah ruined my life, take a listen to the song. :-)

Bonus - Clay Aiken - "When I see you Smile". I sang it to Jonah when I was pregnant and a lot when he was little. I sing it now every so often. Cheesy, but that's ok.

Hey Nathan, Tasha, and Grace - If you would like, you can be next. What are your top 7 of the moment?

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Kelle said...

LOVE IT!!!'s fun! Okay, so I do love the 4 Minutes song. I'm just obsessed with music period. How's the scrappin' going? Life has slowed down a bit now and I feel like you and I need to catch up. Maybe a call this week. I wanna know how the stroller is...and just baby stuff in general! Miss you!