Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How Could I have Forgotten?!

Paczki Day!!!!! Oh Apple and Custard, how i Love you so!

Just wonderin' - Do they make chocolate filled Paczki?

Something Profound...

The first result from a Google image search on: Profound. Enjoy. Be Amazed. Stand in Wonderment.

There's a small possibility that winter and a "profound" lack of sunshine is affecting me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I cried at Elmo Live...

because I couldn't believe that I was really at a musical with Jonah. Before I had Jonah I knew I wanted to take my kids to musicals and play and live shows. Today I really did it. And he LOVED it. He clapped and laughed at all the right places, he danced to the music, he ate popcorn while watching the show, he was perfect. The show was also pretty good too, surprisingly really good. Like I would have taken him every weekend good. Today we got to be THAT family. The family where a daddy takes a day off work to go see Elmo live with his son. I love my husband. He's such a great daddy. I love my kid, he's so cool and funny and just AMAZING!



Today was one of the best days ever.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nathan's Mac and Cheese Recipe - Best EVER!

Killer Creamy Mac & Cheese + Green for St. Patrick's Day
My own recipe, developed over several years of popularity among friends and family.

OK so i've only had it without the green food coloring, but I can't imagine the green makes a taste difference.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Whats the haps?

Tonight I rocked my baby to sleep and I loved it. I savored every second... even the part where I accidentally let out a little toot and I hear a half asleep Jonah say "toot-toot", then I feel his whole body tighten up and grunt. I ask a little scared to hear the answer, "what are you doing?"...his answer: "toot toot". my 20 month old sweet baby boy was trying to fart. I didnt know it started that early. *sigh*

In different, much prettier news...

Saturday we went to Jonah's first kid-centric birthday. His friend from school, Brooklyn, turned 1! He put the moves on. She sure is a cutie!!! Her momma takes fantastic pictures, http://jenkniivilablog.com/.


Also I think he watches too much elmo. He puts his arms in his pantlegs instead of his feet, laughs, and says - "noo-nool" (his version of mr. noodle). Mr. Noodle always does stuff backwards before he gets it right. Personally I think he's a bit short bus special (Mr. Noodle, not Jonah).

He also loves to stick oven mits on his hands and say - "Hot".


His latest "funny" is the addition of his "babies". All his stuffed animals are his "babies". He likes to nap with them and sleep with them. Last night he had to have his baby (my old stuffed cat), and his ni-night (blankie), and his ba-ba (sippy cup) all folded into his chubby arms. Here's a pic of him and his ni-night and one of his babies.


Self portrait!


Finding Inspiration in the Funny Things.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

hear ye, hear ye. Jonah has somethin' to say!

Listen to Jonah! My parents got some new audio equipment for church and Nathan had to hook it up and try it. Test successful! I have a feeling I will be using this for Jonah a lot.

click here if it doesn't play in the player.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A load of chocolate...

A wee bit early, but for me - Better Early than Never! :)

A Valentines photoshoot gone a bit wrong, or maybe Exactly Right! I love this boy.

Here is the progression. His legwarmers arrived in the mail and regardless of whether they matched or not I had to have him wear them right then. At the end of the series is the SB page, but I had to post these in all there glory. The SB page would have been too small.

1. happy valentines day!

2. oohh for me? care to have a piece?

3. Mmmm

4. I'll try a piece and hope it doens't taste like soap.

5. I think I got a winner!

6. Quick! Shove it all in as fast as possible!

7. Yum! a Caramel one!

8. Now THAT is what I call a successful photoshoot.

And the sum up. I don't know how much I like the layout/design. I need to buy more valentines DSB stuff.

In his sleep tonight I distinctly heard Jonah say... "mine, no mine". I wonder what he was dreaming about. I love the baby monitor.

Oh and if you are on facebook, I posted a quick video nathan took on his phone of Jonah gorging himself on the Valentines Chocolate. I also took real videos but I still dont know how to get them off the camera.... yeah I should probably learn that.