Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lucas newborn photoshoot - updated with pics!

Go take a peek!!!

(updated link, hope this one works :)

Jen is Amazing!!! Check out Visual Poetry if you live in Detroit/Fenton/Ann Arbor Area!!


Update - Here's some!

Visual Poetry by Jen Kniivila
Visual Poetry by Jen Kniivila
Visual Poetry by Jen Kniivila
Visual Poetry by Jen Kniivila
Visual Poetry by Jen Kniivila
Visual Poetry by Jen Kniivila
Visual Poetry by Jen KniivilaVisual Poetry by Jen Kniivila

here's pics of momma and lucas and you can see the new haircut. :)
Visual Poetry by Jen Kniivila
Visual Poetry by Jen Kniivila
Visual Poetry by Jen Kniivila

just jonah - yes, i'm getting it blown up and printed. :)

new family of 4!

cuz it's funny. just prior to this pic lucas had pooped all over his daddy. bwahahaha!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

pics pics pics!

Hold on to your hats, it's picture postin' time!

So here we are before...

And here we are after...

Going home after just 2 nights in the hospital!

Here's the mess that Jonah made before we left...

He enjoyed making the bed go up and down...

Jonah Loves ice. Seriously he downs it like candy. The ice at the hospital was that great nuggety ice, wish we could get an ice maker like that installed in our fridge.

Here's some more from the last few days home...

bunny slippers. Jonah never fit them because his feet were too big.

And here we are at the Applefest. Yup, we went 4 days after i had a c-section. Lucas stayed happy as a pig in mud in his sling and jonah enjoyed eating carnie food, riding rides, and getting a light up sword. :)

We definitely have a future roller coaster rider on our hands! yay! hands in the air!!

The ice cream from the "Ha-cream truck". Whenever he hears the song from the ice cream truck he runs to us screaming the "ha-cream truck, the ha-cream truck". Pretty much whenever we have cash we get ice cream from the ice cream truck. I swear the kid has radar hearing. He can here it like when it first enters Fenton.

Aww sweet brother hugs!!

These are from this mornings failed attempt at a sibling photo shoot. these 2 were the best of the bunch.

So enjoy!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lucas David 9/14/09 11:38AM 8lb. 3oz. 20.5 in,

so i finally find the time to write a post...and lucas wants a bit of his mama's attention, sorry, baby bugs wins. hard to type much with one hand.

i will try to post new baby pics soon. can't believe tomorrow he will be 1 week!

here's 2 pics from saturday. :) lucas looks just like jonah. i have the same pic of jonah in that outfit and its identical (although jonah filled it out quite a bit more because we forgot to put him in it till he was almost out of it). i need to dig it out...

Sunday, September 13, 2009



Lucas David Andrews will grace us with his presence. I'm ready, Daddy's ready. Jonah...not so much.

So far I've heard him say- I cut Lukey (refering to him cutting him out of mommy)... I squash Lukey... I hit Lukey. I am already anticipating the thud when Jonah drops him after trying to yank him out of a baby seat that HE wants to sit in. I sure hope Lucas has a hard head.