Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lazy Fridays :-)

I am loving my fridays home with Jonah. They usually consist of sleeping in (8:00 am for him), breakfast at Bob Evans, the library, and if the weather is nice playing outside.

Daddy says Jonah is way too much like mommy when it comes to food...maybe a little to overexcited...

Thank you Montessori school...Jonah LOVES to trace his hands and my hands and daddy's hands. He's so intent on his task.

At the library we play with the trains, read books, and play on the computer.

Last week was too cold to play outside, plus Mr. J was just getting over a cold.

This weekend we went shoe shopping for Mr. size 8!!! poor guy, i was squeezing his feet into 6's and 7's. We got some cute brown velcro's on clearance at Kohls, bogo puma's and addidas at Famous Footwear, and a pair of black high top all stars. Paid full price but we can't be expected to go through spring summer without our chucks! At least I resisted the urge to buy a few in different colors.

Oh and it's BLIZZARDING!!!! Ugh! I had convinced myself it was over. Ok, so it felt comforting to believe the lie. It IS Michigan.

Ok, enough blogging, Jim Gaffigan is on...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunny days are here again...

Hooray for warmer weather!

Writing with sidewalk chalk

Playing with the convertable

Playing with the neighbors

Finding a new favorite food

Monday, March 23, 2009

Because I care

So I'm sitting here watching Jonah literally "milk" the milk from his sippy into a bowl. He then proceeds to drink the milk from the bowl. Yes, he got milk all over his table, but who cares. :)

It took me a almost an hour to do Jonah's whole bed time routine including rocking him to sleep, but who cares. Night time is our time, just us, sometimes I let daddy have a turn. He's getting so big and independent so fast, I have to take my cuddles when I can. If night time is it then I'll take it till he's 10. Because in all honesty what am I going to do once he's asleep...probably waste time online or watch TV. Wouldn't you say my time was much better spent rocking my baby?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At least Aunt Tasha loves Jonah...

Cuz I'm a lazy mommy lately, I have decided to mooch off my sister and direct you to see her post of Jonah and Mason painting.



Monday, March 9, 2009

that was supposed to be me.

I had really good intentions. I bought the grocery cart cover. I had the disinfectant. I organized the closet by outfit. Matching hats and shoes.

Yesterday in the grocery store I had to ask myself, what happend?!

Cart Cover and disinfectant no where to be seen. We were in the "car cart" (which at first looked cool, now its just a little bit trashy). Jonah was in the car half hanging out with me constantly saying, "Jonah get back in the car!". Of course, he has a runny boogery nose. When he wasn't hanging out of the cart he has his mouth all over the thing, which then prompts me to yell, "Jonah, yucky, don't eat the car!" Daddy looses his patience with Jonah half in and half out of the car so jonah has to come sit in the cart since he can't obey. Which leads us to the deli counter where Jonah freaks for chicken. Commence the shoving of lunch meat in his mouth.

All this time we've passed by the same woman like 4 times. Her little boy is dressed to the 9's with a matching newsboy hat on his head. He is, of course, in the cart with the cute cart cover. He's sitting there perfectly quiet and still. She's all put together and the cart is full of DHA omega 3 organic milk. (poor jonah has to make do with regular organic milk) . What happened? I was supposed to be that mom. Of course we end up in the check out right behind her.

I am madly shoving chicken fingers from the deli hot bar into jonah's mouth. Nathan is trying to field his mad hands as he grabs for candy. In front of us newsboy baby is just staring at us taking in all the chaos.

I just had to laugh. I pictured my future self with an active Jonah and a newborn. I laughed some more. I wouldnt change Jonah into the quiet behaving boy for anything. I love that he has spirit!

Friday, March 6, 2009

hyper or active

Am I just deluding myself or is Jonah hyper in an annoying kind of way? I like to think that he's active and busy. Although in the grand scheme of things does it really matter? I LOVE who he is and who he is turning into and wouldn't change anything about him.

He's smart, he knows his colors and about 5 letters. He can match his shapes, his favorite shape is Oval. He knows when he grabs more than 1 item it's not 1 it's 2 (now we haven't mastered the concept of 3,4,5, but I think just knowing 2 is pretty good for 21 months. He can sit for a half an hour at school for "circle time". I'm secretly paranoid he's going to be like mommy and be mentally ready for kindergarten, but not emotionally ready. Yeah mommy was a "young 5er", I was too hyper for regular kindergarten. I think though that the Montessori school is really helping him. It's a great program for active kids. It's not so regimented.

Oh his latest achievement - jumping! ha, so he only gets about a half inch of air, but both feet leave the ground! :)

no pics, been lazy, can't find all the parts to charge the camera. travesty, i know.

for shame.

Monday, March 2, 2009


So Finally we can announce it on "the blog"...

drumroll please. . .


We are welcoming a new baby sometime in September. :-) I've been really tired lately thus the laziness with the blogging, but never fear, we only have 1 more month of tisha being dead tired at 8pm! I cannot wait for the 2nd-3rd trimesters. I'd even have a 4th "trimester" if I could exchange it for the 1st.

On a side note, i am showing already. It's sort of insane, but I showed super early with Jonah too. I LOVE maternity pants. Elastic is so comfortable.

Sorry the pic is kind of old...i've also been lazy with the picture taking too. oh the horrors.