Friday, March 6, 2009

hyper or active

Am I just deluding myself or is Jonah hyper in an annoying kind of way? I like to think that he's active and busy. Although in the grand scheme of things does it really matter? I LOVE who he is and who he is turning into and wouldn't change anything about him.

He's smart, he knows his colors and about 5 letters. He can match his shapes, his favorite shape is Oval. He knows when he grabs more than 1 item it's not 1 it's 2 (now we haven't mastered the concept of 3,4,5, but I think just knowing 2 is pretty good for 21 months. He can sit for a half an hour at school for "circle time". I'm secretly paranoid he's going to be like mommy and be mentally ready for kindergarten, but not emotionally ready. Yeah mommy was a "young 5er", I was too hyper for regular kindergarten. I think though that the Montessori school is really helping him. It's a great program for active kids. It's not so regimented.

Oh his latest achievement - jumping! ha, so he only gets about a half inch of air, but both feet leave the ground! :)

no pics, been lazy, can't find all the parts to charge the camera. travesty, i know.

for shame.


Kelle said...

Oh, I want to see him jump!
And I'm quite sure he is nothing near annoying. Far too cute for that. He's just smart. And inquisitive. And all that wonderful energy is going to help him learn more about this freakin' beautiful world.

Kelle said...

p.s. loved your "small things." love that baby bump you're enjoying!

they keep me laughing said...

do you really want to know the answer to that question? lol
he his hyper and active. both. but he isn't annoying. it only gets annoying when he's overly tired cuz it's a little over the top. lol but, if you love him the way he is, then that's about all that matters i guess. all kids are hyper, they just have to be directed and know how and when to use that hyperness. that's very impressive that he knows 5 letters already. mason shows no interest in letters right now. he thinks he knows some letters but he doesn't. lol he knows colors and can match all his shapes. doesn't know the names of all of them yet. he's a lot lazier than cole was, which is very different for us. we were so used to cole asking questions all the time, which mason does, they just aren't very intelligent ones lol, and we're used to cole WANTING to know how to spell his names and WANTING to learn all the time. mason doesn't really care, i've come to conclude. he is very smart in his own way. very!

they keep me laughing said...

p.s. - i'm still waiting for my sister survey !