Monday, March 9, 2009

that was supposed to be me.

I had really good intentions. I bought the grocery cart cover. I had the disinfectant. I organized the closet by outfit. Matching hats and shoes.

Yesterday in the grocery store I had to ask myself, what happend?!

Cart Cover and disinfectant no where to be seen. We were in the "car cart" (which at first looked cool, now its just a little bit trashy). Jonah was in the car half hanging out with me constantly saying, "Jonah get back in the car!". Of course, he has a runny boogery nose. When he wasn't hanging out of the cart he has his mouth all over the thing, which then prompts me to yell, "Jonah, yucky, don't eat the car!" Daddy looses his patience with Jonah half in and half out of the car so jonah has to come sit in the cart since he can't obey. Which leads us to the deli counter where Jonah freaks for chicken. Commence the shoving of lunch meat in his mouth.

All this time we've passed by the same woman like 4 times. Her little boy is dressed to the 9's with a matching newsboy hat on his head. He is, of course, in the cart with the cute cart cover. He's sitting there perfectly quiet and still. She's all put together and the cart is full of DHA omega 3 organic milk. (poor jonah has to make do with regular organic milk) . What happened? I was supposed to be that mom. Of course we end up in the check out right behind her.

I am madly shoving chicken fingers from the deli hot bar into jonah's mouth. Nathan is trying to field his mad hands as he grabs for candy. In front of us newsboy baby is just staring at us taking in all the chaos.

I just had to laugh. I pictured my future self with an active Jonah and a newborn. I laughed some more. I wouldnt change Jonah into the quiet behaving boy for anything. I love that he has spirit!


they keep me laughing said...

LOL I am totally "the other mom" that you saw, with my kids sitting quietly in the cart mesmerized by your bratty one. LOL that is soo funny!!!
see what controlling the hyperness in your child and making them obey and not giving them everything they want can get you? you CAN be "the other" mom if you really wanted to, but it sounds like you are content to have the bratty, snot nosed kid that can't keep his hands off anything in the store and who is constantly making noise! LOL LOL LOL LOL
oh my! that story is hilarious!

they keep me laughing said...

Clarification: I am "the other mom" minus the cart cover and the DHA omega 3 organic milk. there is no such thing as pure organic anything now a days. this land is so polluted it's not even funny. and there is no proof that eating all organic gives you better health or longer life than not eating all organic. you can eat non-organically and make healthy choices in your diet and be just fine. preaching over with now. lol

Meghan said...

i think that having two kids kind of rounds out the chaos. lol! it gives you some new things to think about that you never noticed with one;) one of our shopping trips ended like that with sweet pea being escorted out to the car with daddy and all the while he was shrieking at the top of his lungs..."STUDENTS...YOU ARE ALL STUDENTS!" you just have to laugh and be thankful you can tag team with dad!

Kelle said...

oh, i love it. i think there is such a beauty to mild chaos. and letting go of having to be "that mom" is refreshing...and can actually let you enjoy your kids more. fine line on letting them control you...but i think are riding it pretty good.