Monday, August 10, 2009

oh love.

Love was everywhere, it oozed out of bride and groom, the family, the friends, the details of the reception, it was a love fest. I don't think my words can do justice to the fantasically joyous event Nathan and I were so gifted to attend. I felt so loved. Hillary and George poured their hearts out into planning the joyous occasion and it showed. I'll let you take a peek for yourself.

I don't know how I didnt mention it earlier, but Hillary's dress was TO DIE FOR! She designed the fabric herself and included special on the print things that were special to her and George. There were pictures of George, it was a tribue to Hillary and George, the couple and George, the best partner in the world for Hillary!
Did I mention it was gorgeous?

I love these. I love how George looks so awed by Hillary's beauty as she walks down the aisle. I loved it when she spontaneously took George's hand during the poetry reading by her dad. I love how ecstatically happy she is to finally be his wife and he can kiss his bride.

I love how evident the love is among the family. Hillary's parents wrote the most beautiful poems and George's dad gave the sweetest heartfelt toast.

And the details. So carefully and thoughtfully planned out. The food so plentiful and yummy, the word "divinity" doesn't begin to describe it. The most luscious cupcakes made by George's mom. I was sad that I could only inhale 3, I should have saved room, but dinner was soooo good too! Oh and the make your own shirley temple station! When I think shirley temple drinks I think Hillary. She IS a shirley temple! So colorful, fun, and sweet! George is one lucky man!

And the flowers, oh the gardens! Susan (Hillary's Mom) wore her little fingers to the bone transforming her yard and gardens into nothing less than the gardens of Versailles. I expected fairies to jump out at any minute and would not have been surprised in the least if they had. I have tons more pics of the gardens, but this poor mama is getting tired.

I'm a shoe person. So these beauties deserved a picture all their own. Yes, Christian Louboutin. Drink them in. I love that they only made it through less than 5 minutes before they were cast aside.

And lest I forget, pampering, glamorizing, and loving up the bride!

That is barely the tip of the iceberg. There are so many shots I wanted to get but wasnt able to. I can only hope that the real photographer got them. It's 12:30 though and this super pregnant mama is ready for bed!

So lots of love to my blog friends! Special xo's to George and Hillary!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

almost finished...

with 1 room. I just need to sew the curtains for Jonah's room and run down to Ikea to get book shelves for the wall (and hope I don't spy anything else that would be cute). Oh something fun, we installed a paper roll on Jonah's closet door so now he can draw and color. I need to stock up on washable markers and crayons.

Lucas' room is still ground zero with only subfloor. We hope to finish his room by next weekend. I'm sorry I've been so bad about blogging, I've just been so preoccupied with renovations and maybe a little bit of nesting. I feel like if I stop we'll never get finished. Here's my list of things to accomplish before Sept. 14 (when baby is coming).

Finish Jonah's room
Finish Lucas' room
Wash and organize Lucas's baby clothes, inventory need for new onesies.
Bring up Jonah's baby stuff from basement and wash.
Replace flooring in whole house (install new hard floor and schedule carpet install).
Organize 2nd floor hall closet, our closet, spare room closet, and bathrooms
Organize Kitchen and living room. Make play area on 1st floor.
Organize Basement.
Put old carpet in basement.
Make basement play area.

Today is he 6th of AUGUST. I have until Sept. 13 to get it all done.

Poor Nathan. He's not nesting, but he's been so good to go along with it all. He's been patient and so hard working. Much to my dismay I can't help as much as I would like so he's been doing much of the work himself.

Really that list isnt so bad, right? right?