Thursday, August 28, 2008


ok a few more...
You KNOW I had to try a few of the girls heads... I stopped at 3 (it was hard).


1998 - wow jonah's gotten fat! I don't think I like this one...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jonah is that you?

Kelly over at Life is Good directed her viewers here. Here are some pics of Jonah from well, yesteryear...

19741978 - the year I was born.1984

Here are the original faces I used.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 more pages - 6 mos. complete!!

I am completely finished with months 1-6!! Page total so far...24.


Monday, August 25, 2008

6 months!

So here are two 6 mos pages! 2 more 6 month pages for Christmas and then 6 months is done, only months 7-11/12 to go. I haven't decided if the 1 year party goes at the end of the 1st year book or the beginning of the 2nd year book.

I think I might change the Lucky Guy to something like - Rockin' Out.

moved the 2nd page to the above post.

Just another Saturday

Started with Breakfast at the French Laundry.
Jonah tried a lemon.
Then a 3 hour power nap. Fresh from our nap we went to Red Robin for Dinner (cuz mommy had a bithday coupon) then to the mall to do some school shopping. Time to measure the feet!
Photobucket He's a tad over a size 5 so they said to get a 6.

Jonah's new Kicks - Puma's baby, so he can run Fast! Love Journey's Kidz, they have the cutest shoes for boys.

We also tried on some backpacks, but nothing really caught our fancy.


So we went home to play in the kitchen on mommy's step up.

And play with daddy's hat.

That my dear readers was our Saturday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mmm... goats like to eat!

Jonah Feeding the Pigmy Goats. He loves animals. I love these pics of his pudgy hand feeding the goats. I love how his mouth is open each time he expects the goat to open it's mouth.

First Daddy showed him how then he was all over doing it himself.
2 Photobucket
3 Photobucket
4 Photobucket
5 Photobucket
6 Photobucket
7 Photobucket
8 Photobucket

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Vacation Anyone?

Downtown Pentwater at a Park
1 Photobucket
2 Photobucket
This store had 8 chairs set up. Jonah had to walk around and try out all 8.
3 Photobucket

More fun at the River!
Mason trying out Josh's ear protection
4 Photobucket
5 Photobucket
6 Photobucket
7 Photobucket
My sweet mommy brought a birthday cake for me.
8 Photobucket
9 Photobucket

More on Mac Wood's Dune Ride!

10 Photobucket
11 Photobucket
12 Photobucket
13 Photobucket

Fun in the Pool!

14 Photobucket

At the Petting Farm.
15 Photobucket
16 Photobucket
17 Photobucket
18 Photobucket
19 Photobucket
20 Photobucket
21 Photobucket
22 Photobucket