Monday, August 25, 2008

Just another Saturday

Started with Breakfast at the French Laundry.
Jonah tried a lemon.
Then a 3 hour power nap. Fresh from our nap we went to Red Robin for Dinner (cuz mommy had a bithday coupon) then to the mall to do some school shopping. Time to measure the feet!
Photobucket He's a tad over a size 5 so they said to get a 6.

Jonah's new Kicks - Puma's baby, so he can run Fast! Love Journey's Kidz, they have the cutest shoes for boys.

We also tried on some backpacks, but nothing really caught our fancy.


So we went home to play in the kitchen on mommy's step up.

And play with daddy's hat.

That my dear readers was our Saturday.


Kelly said...

The foot measure picture is too much! Love how the backpacks are bigger than he is!!

they keep me laughing said...

cute! love the pics of him walking around with the backpacks on. mason would love the elmo one!!!! the shoes are interesting. :)