Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lazy Fridays :-)

I am loving my fridays home with Jonah. They usually consist of sleeping in (8:00 am for him), breakfast at Bob Evans, the library, and if the weather is nice playing outside.

Daddy says Jonah is way too much like mommy when it comes to food...maybe a little to overexcited...

Thank you Montessori school...Jonah LOVES to trace his hands and my hands and daddy's hands. He's so intent on his task.

At the library we play with the trains, read books, and play on the computer.

Last week was too cold to play outside, plus Mr. J was just getting over a cold.

This weekend we went shoe shopping for Mr. size 8!!! poor guy, i was squeezing his feet into 6's and 7's. We got some cute brown velcro's on clearance at Kohls, bogo puma's and addidas at Famous Footwear, and a pair of black high top all stars. Paid full price but we can't be expected to go through spring summer without our chucks! At least I resisted the urge to buy a few in different colors.

Oh and it's BLIZZARDING!!!! Ugh! I had convinced myself it was over. Ok, so it felt comforting to believe the lie. It IS Michigan.

Ok, enough blogging, Jim Gaffigan is on...


Kelle said...

laughed out loud at first one. oh, that face. and the tracing face is so precious...just tediously thinking. i save scraps of my white seamless paper and trace lainey's full body sometimes...she gets a kick out of it. but we'll have to work on the hand...perhaps that's a little more doable for her. ha. take some snow pics for me. xoxo loves to both littles!

Anonymous said...

That first picture is sooooo awesome- I swear I've seen you do that exact thing... I'm glad you get to spend good time with Jonah. You certainly remind me to stay grateful for snuggly mornings and yummy food. :)