Sunday, February 1, 2009

A load of chocolate...

A wee bit early, but for me - Better Early than Never! :)

A Valentines photoshoot gone a bit wrong, or maybe Exactly Right! I love this boy.

Here is the progression. His legwarmers arrived in the mail and regardless of whether they matched or not I had to have him wear them right then. At the end of the series is the SB page, but I had to post these in all there glory. The SB page would have been too small.

1. happy valentines day!

2. oohh for me? care to have a piece?

3. Mmmm

4. I'll try a piece and hope it doens't taste like soap.

5. I think I got a winner!

6. Quick! Shove it all in as fast as possible!

7. Yum! a Caramel one!

8. Now THAT is what I call a successful photoshoot.

And the sum up. I don't know how much I like the layout/design. I need to buy more valentines DSB stuff.

In his sleep tonight I distinctly heard Jonah say... "mine, no mine". I wonder what he was dreaming about. I love the baby monitor.

Oh and if you are on facebook, I posted a quick video nathan took on his phone of Jonah gorging himself on the Valentines Chocolate. I also took real videos but I still dont know how to get them off the camera.... yeah I should probably learn that.


they keep me laughing said...


First of all let me say that the chocolate filled face is hilarious! He looks just like you! lol

Second, did you read the comment I made about the video post of him on fb?

Third, he needs a hair cut. lol

Fourth, need to see a standing up pic of him in the leg warmers to get a clear view and to determine if i like them or not.

Fifth, once again, jonah has a ginormous booger in his nose!!!! don't you ever blow that kids' nose?! lol

cute sb page though

Tisha said...

i have him blow his nose all the time. he hates it when i dig so i think i've resigned myself to having a booger baby. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Look at all that chocolate!
Handsome little Jonah..

Rochelle said...

I love it when the chocolate melts all over!! Very cute!!!