Thursday, February 5, 2009

hear ye, hear ye. Jonah has somethin' to say!

Listen to Jonah! My parents got some new audio equipment for church and Nathan had to hook it up and try it. Test successful! I have a feeling I will be using this for Jonah a lot.

click here if it doesn't play in the player.


Kelle said...

I CANNOT believe how verbal he is! Love "Nonah". Precious. Lainey can make every animal and says uh-oh, but that's about it.

they keep me laughing said...

that was cute. i love the rooster sound. i laughed out loud for that one. i love how he says his name too. ;) very cute. i'll have to get mason over there to record some stuff. or maybe i just need to pull out my video camera and get more video of him. i have tons of cole at this age, but none of mason! i'm a bad mommy :(

Dr. E said...

I think he said "Erica" twice during that, or at least I am going to pretend it was Erica! So cute!