Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Neverending Birthday!

We celebrated Jonah's 2nd 1st Birthday last Sunday at my parents with friends from church. We got the cake from VG's here in Fenton. It was free! Apparently, our local grocery store gives you the 1st birthday cake free. I think its brilliant because then they get more repeat business. For a cake from a grocery store bakery it was really good! Jonah sure loved it!

We also gave him is 1st car last week. A bit delayed due to bad weather. He was so cute! He saw the car and immediately he went to sit in it. It "goes" by pushing a button on the steering wheel. After about 5 minutes he figured out the button and off he went. I love this car because he can make it go and it has a pole in the back with a "go" button. So we can make it go and steer if needed. I don't think it will take him long to figure out how to steer. He already looks like a pro. I love the picture of him turning, like he already knows the drivers ed. rule hand over hand. Love his little "o" face when he figured out the button on the steering wheel. I love how satisfied his smile is. I love my Joners, my hugsy bugsy boy!


they keep me laughing said...

his car is too cute! i love the hand over hand! :)

Kelle said...

Yay for music! LOVE the car pics...he looks so happy! Is that 10 and 2 I see? Remember Mr. Prater, our driver's ed instructor? Remember he had a finger cut off? I can't believe I remember our driver's ed teacher. Remember those 2 twin girls in our drivers ed class with long black hair that wore Puma tennis shoes? I thought they were so cool and pretty...until I saw them workin' the streets on Dort Highway 5 years later. I'm not kidding. Ha! Wow, that was just a huge tangent. Back to Jonah...he is a luv.

Tisha said...

LOL wow you really saw them working the street! hahaha! is that mean that i'm laughing...

oh drivers ed. i hope our kids are better at it than we were.