Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get up off your feet and dance till you feel better!

Ok, so I finally have music on my blog. For any of you that are wondering how to make one of your own: Simply go here http://www.playlist.com. Sign up for an account and start searching, VoilĂ  - playlist!

When listening to this playlist you may feel the urge to do the following:
  1. Roll your eyes at the cheese (sadly I have an affinity for cheese).
  2. Cover your ears as, admittedly, I do not have the best taste in music.
  3. Turn it up and rock out.
  4. Turn it off as quickly as possible so no one thinks YOU were actually listening to THAT song.
  5. Feel grateful that I stopped adding at 3 backstreet boys and 1 britney song.
  6. Marvel at the number of "slow jams" and power ballads - hahaha!
  7. Send me a comment about what I should add or subtract or acknowledge that yes, there are some guilty pleasures on the list.
To Listen click play. It won't automatically start. Please leave a comment suggesting other songs or heckling or whatever your thoughts are about my song selections.

Music Player is located at the VERY bottom of this page. To view scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN.


Nathan said...

I must say that I'm solidly in the #5 category. Probably some of the others, as well. I should do one of these, so that we can compare and see where the few overlaps are.

Tisha said...

Nathan - I thought you would fit well under 1-2 and 4-5. you should listen to the coldplay song vivalavida (6th from the top). I really like the "orchestral feel" throughout the song. Oh and of course right above it - David Cook's version of Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby. hahaha!

Nathan said...

heh... I can dig Coldplay, actually. Sometimes they're a bit on the cheesy/whiny tip, but generally pretty listenable.

Now, David Cook + Mariah Carey = Umm... no.

Meghan said...

I heard a new reggae sounding Jason Mraz on the radio today. It was nice and summery. My guilty pleasure is No One by Alecia Keys:)

Kelle said...

Coldplay rocks my world. Obsessed with them. Laughing at Ridin'...I like to sing that song in an opera voice--totally changes the feel, ya know. Love Feist. And, for the record, I will always be a Britney fan. She's a ho, but I like her music. Sorry I said ho. But she is. Fo sho.