Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Presidents Day

So, how was my presidents day you ask? Why, it was lovely thank you for inquiring. My job was kind enough to consider today a holiday so I was able to spend it at home with my boy.

He ate pancakes for breakfast.

He enjoyed crawling under the table, playing his keyboard, and getting stuck.

Later that evening Tasha and I went out for dinner with Autumn and Tiffany. We ate at Applebees and had fun catching up. We plan to do it again soon. I will however, NOT be bringing Jonah again. He did not show his good side tonight...

After dinner the Stuve family (Tasha, Chris, Cole, Mason) spent the rest of the evening at our house. We played air hockey in the basement while the guys updated Chris's laptop. Please note the color of Tasha's hair.


Kelle said...

Lovin' the sweet pics! Especially the pancake one! I bet his sweet cheeks smell like maple!

Nathan said...

heh, I like the air hockey shots.

Ever notice how Mason always looks like he doesn't trust whoever has the camera?

they keep me laughing said...

Ok. I am going to get my hair fixed on monday. So you won't be able to joke about my hot pink hair anymore after that!