Friday, March 28, 2008

He will hate me when he's older but...

I HAD to do it! He's so stinking adorable I just had to see if he was pretty enough to be passed off as a girl. I did not, however, take him out in public dressed up. We have promised daddy no more forays into girls clothing. So as not to embarrass Jonah too much I only posted these in small. I got the dress for $1.99, isn't it too cute?! He seemed to like it, I think he will enjoy wearing shorts (boys shorts) this summer.Here's a shot of our "after" outfit, all boy!

Please note that I love MY BOY and wouldn't trade him for a girl EVER.


cjs said...

laughing over here.

you haven't changed.

you make me laugh.

they keep me laughing said...

he is sooooo gonna hate you for those pictures when he gets older! lol
he does make a very cute lil' girl though. i must admit.
i must also add that he looks a lil' too happy to be wearing a dress in the first picture.

Kelle said...

I love the smile on his face in the boy clothes at the says, "Thank you!!!"