Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My name is Tisha and I am addicted to...

buying clothes for Jonah B. But really how can one be expected to resist when the boy is this cute! He needs new clothes and really I'm buying them for next winter and they are soo cheap its not even like spending money 'cuz I saved SO much. It's more like, well OK, its spending money but it wasn't much for what I got. So I know the Children's Place is not known for high quality clothes, but you cannot beat their clearance sales. By the way Mr. JB is in our double stroller that I could not resist buying at Target on 75% off clearance for $25!

Retail Cost: $270
Actual Amount Spent: $44
Saving: $226 - Priceless, ok well not priceless its saving $226

I also couldn't pass up a casual Easter outfit, a St. Patrick's day bib (slightly annoyed 'cuz they didn't have the onesie I wanted in his size), and 2 finger puppets. On a side note, finger puppets are weird. Did ever you notice that to make them "come alive" you have to jam your finger up their butts? Kind of disconcerting. I also bought him a book. It might be a bit girly, but I've heard really good things about it. Anyway who cares if he reads a "girly" book. I also bought myself a little something, see if you can spot them. I got them for the bargain price of $19.99!


Kelle said...

Oh, this is fun! It's like eye-spy!!! SPOTTED!!! Boots for you! And darling ones I might add...love the color! I have bought Children's Place jammies for Lainey since birth! Love them more than every other brand...even Gymboree! They are the softest cotton and I LOVE that it's just one zip! You can find them online for $4.77 a pair! Also, Olivia is writen down in Lainey's baby book as her first favorite book...she loved it because all the pictures are black, white and red--good colors for baby eyes! Cute story too. Now, LL loves peek-a-boo lift-the-flap books or anything with real photos of babies...points and says "baby" too! (Baby is her third word after Mama and baba) Oh, I could talk babies all day!

Tisha said...

Oh I got the Jammies for $2.39 each! $2.99-20%. That's why I bought 10 pair! I don't know if you know this but you can ALWAYS find a CP coupon online to print thats 20% off your entire purchase. Just google Children's Place Coupon.

He LOVED the cow finger puppet.

I'm going to have to get Jonah some lift-the-flap books. I almost got him the Where's Baby's Belly Button book. From reading your blog I found out what a "caldecott" winner was. I've decided we should buy Jonah 1 book a week to add to his collection.

I can't tell if Jonah intentionally says things yet. He says dada but I can't tell if he's saying it at Nathan or not. I'm pretty sure he's said mama but it was when he was screaming mad at Tasha's house so I dont know if I want to count that cuz it was just sad. He shakes his head no when he doesnt want something and he signs "more" when he wants more food. I think I need to pay closer attention to what he "says" and when he says it.