Sunday, April 13, 2008

On the Boardwalk....

Put up your dukes, c'mon, c'mon! He's such a boy, he like to growl. Grrr!
Just like daddy.
What a sweet boy!
Jonah likes the rain. It was so funny, he would pat his head because he could feel the rain on his head. Sort made him look a little bit um "special".
Sniff, sniff! He's growing up so fast.

I used to have a plan that he'd be out of a bottle at 1. Ha! I was so naive about how a mother feels about her baby growing. I used to say that I wouldn't let my child dictate how I spent my time. Ha! If Jonah needs a nap, there is no "what mommy wants", its naptime!

It really is true that you don't fully appreciate being a mom until you have a baby of your own. I didn't understand that before I had Jonah. No amount of books, obervations or watching nephews (and nieces) prepared me. Before I had kids it was so easy to judge other parents about, well, pretty much everything. Now I have more understanding and compassion (not for stupid parents), but for mom's that still give a bottle to a 2 yr old. I understand that the bottle may be his last link to being a baby and that you are loathe to give it up.

Although motherhood is sometimes challenging, I am inspired by this post to emphasize the positive. I love being Jonah's mommy. I love being in the mommy club.


they keep me laughing said...

that is so true! i didn't understand it all til i had kids. what's funny is when you're kids get older and you see someone going through the same stuff you went through. whether good or bad, it brings back alot of memories. i actually don't remember alot of when the boys were first born, so nothing too traumatizing must have happened. :) it's just nice to know that i won't have to go through any of those stages between first born and 2 yrs again. ;) never have to wake up in the middle of the night every two hours to nurse a crying baby. never have to get cut open again!! Yeah for that one!!!! :) good luck on trying to get preggo this summer LOL

Kelly said...

What a surprise to read your blog and find out the link is to my blog!! wow!! im touched!! I love reading your stories and hearing about your lobe for J!!`

Kelle said...

SO TRUE!!!! OMG! And I LOVE the boardwalk photos! Especially the put up your dukes ones! He is precious!