Monday, April 28, 2008

Things Jonah Says:




Nah-Nie (night night)

Woof-Woof (or some such variation)

Hello (per Grandma)

Jonah is finally well after his bout with the stomach flu. He's lost a little bit of weight, but we are sure he will pack it right back on. This photo was edited with a new favorite online playsite - picnick so easy to do with pictures on Fickr!


Kelle said...

Love the edit! And so funny! Lainey says mama, bruh-bruh (brother), baba, hi, and woof-woof too! She LOVES woof-woof! Says it ALL the time for anything that resembles a dog! I love his sweet, sweet baby feet!

Meghan said...

i am a sucker for baby toes.

cjs said...

cool editing! I love finding free stuff like that on the internet!