Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our first professional photoshoot

My sister posted a great narrative of the day (along with great shots) so I won't post the same pics. Here are some other random shots from our day. I know Kelle will post professionally framed and photoshopped shots. I probably should mention that to get the perfect shot I threw him very high in the air and held him up on a tree limb, but I bet the pics are great!

Savannah was so good with Jonah. I see a future babysitter!


they keep me laughing said...

Awesome layout of the pics! Good job!

cjs said...

oh my chills. oh my feeling so connected to you because our babies were bonding. oh my like time has not passed at all. oh my jealousy because I was not there to see you, see jonah b.

love you. sorry I missed you.

Tisha said...

Car - your girls are ADORABLE! Seriously sweet. We have got to see each other. I'll email you my number and we can work out a time to get together thats good for you. :)