Sunday, July 6, 2008

To cry or not to cry

Jonah sleeping (5 mos.)

I know Jonah needs to be able to put himself to sleep, but I get so torn about it. When I look back in 10 years and he's embarrassed to even be seen with me or even in 5 years when he's the same size as me, I want to know that I fully took advantage his baby time. Is it so bad if I have to rock him to sleep till he's 3 or 4? (or in all reality until the 2nd one comes, haha!)

Tonight he had a hard time going to sleep. We let him cry for about 10 minutes, but we couldn't let him go on. Some nights he's really easy to get to sleep, but tonight wasn't one of those nights. So Mommy rocked him and enjoyed every second. I am so blessed to have such a sweet boy.


Kelle said...

Funny that I'm actually reading this post while Lainey is sleeping after letting her cry. I've never let her cry it out except this past week, I've had to because she just won't let me put her to sleep...just wants down to play even though I know she's SO tired. It really is is the third time I've let her cry and it's barely a cry and lasts less than 5 minutes before she just peters out and gives in. She's so gettin' the hang of it!

Tisha said...

I think i feel guiltier because I work and get even less time with him.

gracified said...

Oh look at those smooshy cheeks!!! I love him!