Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yes, you heard correctly. First Sentence. I love you is a sentence.

It's a GREAT mommy day. Sweetest thing ever, Jonah called me today at work. I said Hello. I hear Jonah - "Hello". I say I love you. Jonah says, " I LOVE YOU!". OK so it sounded more like I-yu-you, but that still counts! He's been so close to saying I love you but this time it sounded so full of intent and meaning. He was really telling me he loved me. Being this sweet boys mommy is the BEST EVER!!!


Meghan said...

I swear those three little words are the magic to cure all that is wrong. I'm still trying to get sweet pea to say it to me (ha ha just kidding)! Aren't you just amazed at how fast they change once they go to school? I can hardly believe my eyes when I look at beans over the last few weeks!
Yay for Jonah and yay for you and your husband!! Blessings abound!!

they keep me laughing said...

awwh! how sweet! i love when mason says it - "iyatoo"