Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family pictures, awww...

So yesterday we took family pictures at a park in Fenton. It was my first time trying to take real pictures so well, just keep that in mind... I also took some of Josh for his senior pictures. Here are some of the ones I like best. The whole bunch of the shoot are on my flickr page.

I've only had time to edit and fix the 2 big family pictures.


Josh Senior Pics
1Photobucket 2Photobucket
3Photobucket 4Photobucket 5Photobucket


Kelle said...

Love them!!! My first reaction was: Aww....Josh is so big. All I can think of is how we made that car noise (Rrrrr....(changing gears)rrrr.....) and he'd cry. My second reaction was: Tisha's got killer boots!!!! I bet your mom and dad are going to have these framed in huge size on their wall!

Tisha said...

ha, I got these boots at penney's like 4 years ago for $15. They are still my favoites.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job!

they keep me laughing said...

good job, tish. we had fun!

Meghan said...

all the doors remind me of tonya joy:) the pictures are wonderful!