Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'll never be a perfect mother...

but I am OK with that. No, I am more than OK with that I am happy with that. She cooks everything from scratch, sews, knits, quilts, scrapbooks, takes tons of pictures and videos, cans fruit, always looks like a perfect 10 , jogs at least 2 miles a day, has a spotless house and car 24/7, bakes homemade bread every week, insists on only organic, vacuums in pearls, wears real lingerie to bed every night, decorates for every season, never whines or complains, never looses her cool, never nags, never forgets, never judges, never runs late, helps her neighbors, volunteers for various functions, keeps up the yard work, gardens, and more. All this while holding down a part - full time job. She MUST have at least 36 hours in her day and not need sleep or perhaps I just have a messeded up idea of what the Perfect mother is.

I am happy that I am all that I can be. (Go army! hahaha, i digress) I do my best and at the end of the day isn't that all that's important? We tell our kids that it doesn't matter what grade you get as long as you try your best. Well sometimes I get an A and sometimes I get a D, but at least I am always trying. So I am turning over the leaf again:

Tonight I am trying to write. Somehow I got away from it and the blog turned into a glorified photo album. Not that anything is wrong with a Jonah photo album, but that's not the only purpose of the blog. Pictures will always be included, but thoughts will as well. Maybe not deep or profound, but my thoughts none the less. That said here are our activities from sunday.

First pic is outside of the French Laundry. The rest are from my parents yard.

I know I've said Jonah loves being outside, but I don't know that I stressed just how much he loves it. He cries nee' throws a fit when he has to come inside. Sunday night we worked on the yard and Jonah played in the dirt. He had a dirt ring around his mouth. Guess what color his tongue was... yup dirt colored. Perfect mom does not allow her eye to stray from her child long enough for the dirt to even reach the face let alone the interior of the mouth, glad I'm not her!

Daddy took these pics after mommy had to obsessively clean her shoe because she stepped in fresh dog poop. Side note, oxy clean spray works great on getting dog poo off the bottom of a shoe.

Jonah says bye-bye and his mommy says she must stop "blogging" now and work on 10 month SB opages.

Adieu and Good-Night.


Meghan said...

i am so far from perfect, but i don't know anyone that would be better suited to take over my job in the mom department in this house. it's good to put it in perspective.

Kelle said...

Oh, so happy you are going to write more. I think our homeschooled background taught us writing so well...that's one thing Teresa was really good at--teaching writing. I find I write better the more I do it. ...and I LOVE to write. Brett used to ask me how long it's been since I wrote because he knew how much I loved it. Anyway...lovely profound thoughts to begin my day. Lily's daddy is keeping her today because he has the day off and I'm starting to plan out just what little ll and I are going to do today. I think I'll try to be the perfect mommy...might even vacuum in pearls. Ha! xoxo

they keep me laughing said...

cute pictures.

Grace said...

Oy vey, I just wrote a whole comment and then it was rejected by the crazy internets. Sheesh.

I basically said that it's interesting what your image of the perfect momma is- a mix of the 1950s housewife (unattainable anyway), and the modern working woman. No woman would ever have the time! (Except for maybe my grandma, who was wonder woman). Anyway, it got me thinking about what Nathan would say if asked what the perfect husband/poppa would be. I tend to think that women ask more of themselves, and are asked more of in general.
I think it's a balance at best- of course we must strive to be better, and sometimes that means hard work, but we also shouldn't set unattainable goals and standards for ourselves. Our children deserve authentic and happy versions of their parents, and so that's really what I'm working for as a mom. I might can all those veggies, but I don't talk about how I lost a third of them to rot because I let them go to long before doing it.
So... I guess all I'm saying is that I see a woman who is so special in so many ways. You have so many things that you can do. Also, I'm so glad you're writing! Keep it up!