Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a framer all right!

This picture was begging to be edited. I love how the tree is reflected in the glass of the garage door. I never thought I'd ever color saturate a pic this much but it works on this one. I love how Cole is holding Jonahs hand so tightly, how he looks so responsible, and how Jonah thinks he's so cool with his Cousin Cole.


Yes, definite blow up frame potential.


Meghan said...

definitely a framer! i got tagged and now you're it. i've never done this before, so go to my blog and read up and have fun! meg

Kelle said...

love this picture!!! love how cole isn't looking but jonah is and yes...the reflection above is what makes it awesome! nice vignette too!

Jen Kniivila said...

It's a GREAT edit! I'm all about editing up photographs so they look like they are out of a story book. :)