Thursday, October 16, 2008

such the same and oh so different

It's amazing how much he looks the same, but very different now. I think he looks so much more little boyish in the pics I posted yesterday. He is such a momma's boy and I couldn't love it more.

Latest thing is says is "Moo'-ey" for movie. It's probably bad but the kid like's TV. He doesn't watch very long, he likes to watch in the morning and when we are in the car. Promising him his "moo-ey" is the only way to get him to not arch his back and flail when I strap him into his car seat. I recently found him some old school Psalty DVD's that were released when I was little. He loves them, when the movie starts he is completely enthralled. I love them because they have such a good message in them about loving and praising Jesus, not only God, but also Jesus. However, I may have to start rotating what he watches because I've heard the first half hour of that DVD 20 times in the past few days.

If you grew up in church in the 80's you will remember Psalty. Oh the cheesiness and fun from the 80's:

Yes, more 9 month sb pages. I think just 2 more pages to go and I will be done scrapping his 9th month of life. Here are 3 new ones and 2 updated ones.



Kelle said...

Laughing hard at Psalty. I can sing every one of those stinkin' songs. Where did you FIND those?! And love the French Laundry page!!! (and all the rest too!)

Tisha said...

go to and you can buy dvd's and cd's for pretty cheap. I think only the DVD's Kids Praise 4 and 5 are the live action ones. Very nostalgic.

I bought the kids praise 4-5 and the kids praise 1-3 cd's. Hilarious that we still know all the words.