Sunday, January 25, 2009

You are not dreaming....

I don't like to admit it but somehow my baby is becoming a little boy. We played a new game tonight, "ready, set, go". Daddy holds Jonah and says ready, set, go! On go Jonah takes off and runs into mommy's open arms. It's a very fun game, we played it over and over and over.

We are working on the alphabet. Jonah likes, A, E, and O. We picked up a computer game for him that he seems to really like too. Sesame Street "First Steps". Its perfect for his age or even a bit younger.

Here's what we've been up to...

We covered ourselves with stickers or rather Jonah covered us with stickers.

We watched the first African American become president.

We've started having to sit in a chair when we are bad.

We color with markers....


Mommy makes 10 lasagnas.

And tonight... after our bath we made a 2nd mess with applesauce or app-pa-pa as Jonah calls it. Apparently Jonah does not feel a snack is finished unless it is spread onto his entire body and rubbed into his hair, then thrown onto the floor.

So that's what we've been up to.


Kelly said...

He is so cute and adorable and charming!!!!!!!!!!!

How in the world did you make 10 lasagnas? What was it for? Are you all hibernating for the winter?? I'd pass out after making 2!!
Props to you!!

tasha said...

LOL @ 10 lasagnas! you are going to be so sick of eating lasagna!!! it almost makes me gag thinking of eating that many lasagnas.

Meghan said...

ha! we had lasagna yesterday too!

markers will be my should see our kitchen table. someday i will have new furniture.

check out sprout online. they have really fun stuff for little kids.

as always, jonah is so dang cute! (even when he's in trouble)

Tisha said...

i freeze the lasagnas it will take several months to eat all 10. we don't eat 10 in a row... ;-)

Kelle said...

okay, totally laughing at mariah carey still singing "all i want for christmas". mariah...wrap it up. christmas is over.
and, i'm ready for a personal jonah fix. next time i'm up there. because every time i hear your stories about him and see his pics, it just makes me laugh. he seems like such a funny, funny kid. oh, and lainey has those same monkey jammies! she brings them to us and says "ooh aaah oooo ahhh" which is monkey talk, ya know.

Kelle said...

p.s. buy your mozzarella in bulk, sister. costco? you have like fifty one-ounce bags on the counter. ha ha!

Tisha said...

i'm thinking he and lainey would get along famously! i'm kind of afraid to go to costco. i think i might come out with like 40 freezers worth of food.

mariah removed. ha! i forgot she was on there still.

Tammy B said...

Just popped over from Kelle's blog. Wanted to let you know how cute Jonah is - but I'm sure you already know that! Good for you for making all that food and freezing it. Wish I had the patience for that.

Tammy B.

Kelle said...

Costco is very, very dangerous.