Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i am frumpy on the outside...

You know those moms that have cute dressed kids and then you look from the kids to the mom and you are like...poor mom. THATS ME!!!!

I wake up in the morning and throw on whatever somewhat fits. It's bad people! lol.

I did, however, finally throw away a shirt after wearing for several weeks with 2 holes in it. Shhh... sometimes I even still wear my stretchy maternity pants. Yes, these are the confessions of a working mom that just doesnt have time to care about her attire. I've bought new clothes for the boys and for Nathan... but making the effort to go clothes shopping with 2 kids...yeah...too much effort. Well, you say, why not just leave the boys home with Nathan? Well, I could do that, but then that would mean wasting a few of my "home from work" time with the kids to go spend money that I could be spending on the boys on myself! Its a vicious cycle.

So I wear holey clothes that don't fit. I get "mom" hair cuts because I dont have time to spend on my hair. I call a swipe of blush and mascara putting on a full face of make up.

My answer to this: Don't look in the mirror! And It WORKS!!!

So Long as one avoids mirrors (full length ones are sent from the devil) then one can imagine that she looks like this! I think motherhood has made me too practical. SO, strategies to combat "frumpy mom syndrome" besides the current "imagining that I look hot every day" strategy... which in my head works great but not so much in the physical..

1. Wake up earlier.... ick

2. Stop buying the kids stuff they dont need and use the money on me.... sounds kinda selfish, but really who wants a frumpy mom.

3. Buy online thus saving myself the trip to the store to try things on.... might work if they have a good return policy.

4. I'm out... Suggestions?

Oh and on a different although someone related topic... Jonah is almost "day potty trained"!!!! Yay!!! Oh and he started T-Ball...and spent most of yesterdays game in the tennis court running around (or going back and forth for donut breaks) because that was more fun than waiting in line to bat or waiting for a ball to be hit to him in the field. ha! oh well, as long as he has fun! :)

And here's lucas watching the game with Grandma.

We stole these pics from Aunt Tasha....(Thanks for taking pics of my kids and posting them so I can steal them for my blog!!!!)

And here's some other pics from our weekend. We finally celebrated mothers day with my mom at Tasha's, we played T-Ball, we played at home. We (jonah) got an ear infection from playing outside in the cold for too long. So I dont like my kids to be sick... but he was SOOO cuddly and quiet!!! It was a good weekend! :)

I changed my time in blogger land to Fiji Time! Why Fiji time you ask? Cuz I wish I was in Fiji right now!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring!!!


Rochelle said...

I love that picture of Lucas -- and I"m right there with you on the frumpy mom. I feel sorry for Shawn sometimes! Actually, I'm getting my hair cut in the mroning... just hope I have some extra time to put on some hair color on my bang roots before hand!

Hillary said...

Tisha, You are the most beautiful girl on the planet. You could gain 200 pounds, get a Susan Powter haircut, and wear a floral print muumuu all day and you'd still be the belle of the ball. Why? Because you RADIATE beauty. Sorry, sweetie, it's the truth. You must've been born with it. And because you radiate beauty you're a kick-ass mom. That's a sweet cycle, baby! Not a vicious one. Oh! And I can't give you Fiji, but I can give you Central Park. Come visit anytime!

Heidi said...

omg, you are so funny. i need to come back tomorrow and read this throughwhen i am not so tired.

Meghan said...

my name is meghan, and i am a frumpy mom. it has been 1 year since i bought the exact same navy blue, brown, black and white tshirts at old navy that i bought the year before. versatile for work and play....xoxo

Tisha said...

lol frumpy moms unite!

Life with Kaishon said...

Hi : ) I am visiting via the comments at Kelly's Enjoying the Small things blog. I read one of her older posts and saw your comment there : ) You seemed very kind.

Kind people are my FAVORITE!

Me too about the clothes. At least you have an excuse with 2 little kids. My kid is 10. I have totally given up on being a pretty and glamorous mommy. It would help if I could fit into normal clothes...darn it!

I wish you well on your quest. I love your list of things to do to help you! See if you can get out for an hour or 2 to to to Ross or Marshall's one night. Their clothes are economical and so fun!

Nice to meet you today!

they keep me laughing said...

my lawyer will be contacting you and serving you with papers for stealing my pictures!!!!! lol yes, you are a frumpy mom sometimes. haha just take the time to make yourself feel better. it's worth it. trust me. :)

Kelly said...

You're the prettiest person ever! You can kiss the frumpy idea away! Boys are too cute for words!

Life with Kaishon said...

Tisha! I just LAUGHED my head off about the fact that you think of pee when you think of yellow :)


Momma to Bug n' Bear said...

I'm so glad you blogged about this because I have the same problem! I just had to sew buttons on some stuff so I could increase my wardrobe and not wear the same five outfits every week. I also took all of the stuff out of my wardrobe that I have not worn in at least three years (what's the point in taking up my precious closet space if I'm never going to wear somethign again). I always buy for the girls...never myself. But when I do buy for myself, it's ebay (pre-owned) and clearance rack at Gap or Old Navy. That's about all I can handle financially and time-wise with two kids. If you find another option then let me know ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Your boys are too cute! And I totally get the frumpy mom thing! I have 3 littles and almost every day wonder if I've let myself go a little too much. But we're moms. We love our kids. We'll get it together eventually! :) Hope you don't mind I just randomly visited your blog -- I love how cute your posts are! :)

Anonymous said...

Tisha- I'm Korean, too! :) And half Filipino. I love the "halfsies," too! Thanks for your sweet words!

Heidi said...

tisha!!!! we need a new post!!! i'll take just pictures with no words even:)
ha. no pressure.