Friday, March 25, 2011

The upside

So today I did something stupid, which is really not completely out of the ordinary for me, but this time it cost me about $300.  No one was hurt, just the check book.  After some beating up of myself, ok alot of beating myself up, I prayed with my mom and decided that it was what it was.  Can't change it now, if the Lord sees fit to fix it than praise the Lord.  If not well, praise the Lord too, its just money.  So I perused my gallery of pictures on my phone and this is what I found.  2 sweet healthy, funny boys that love their mama and that my friends is so much more important.  I'm not going to let a stupid mistake ruin my evening.

Love.  Love is what masters.  How can it not be after just witnessing a
Beautiful wedding ceremony full of it.  So frustration no more.  Just love baby!  My cup is full, nee' it runneth over!


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no! Now i wonder what you did. Good call though. It's just money!

ashley said...

Those pictures sure make your cup look like it is overflowing. I like your blog. Will visit again! X ashley