Friday, April 22, 2011

I saw the sign...and I am happy now.

So the title has little to do with the blog post other than the fact that I think its catchy and reminds me of summer, which is just around the corner.  So this is sort of a rambley post (as if any of my previous posts were remotely coherent!).

Childhood -

Shirley Temple - animal crackers in my soup do funny things to me.  Love me some shirley and bojangles tap dancing.

Faux fur coats - pink and white for my sister and l.  We loved them along with our green and blue tutus.  No, we didn't take dance, but by george we had the tutus.  They were awfully itchy, but very worth it.

Panhandling - I mean selling M&M's for our trip out west.  Think girlscouts selling cookies at the grocery store but for a less noble cause without uniforms.

We've been making memories for the boys.   Hopefully ones they will start remembering as they get older.

Going to see movies - took Lucas to his first movie (hop).  We went with Jonah's budfy and his mom from school.  Was a smashing success.  Tip - take the car seat in with you and strap your child in the seat.  Oh and see a movie with lots of color and action and music.

Traveling - flying to see grandparents out of state.  Yet another first for Lucas.  Was not such a smashing success.  He didn't cry, just wanted to run around and be loud, you know, be an 18 month old.  Jonah was fantastic, 3/4 is the time to start flying again. 

Playing house as a single mother - daddy was out of town for what I am terming "bro-fest" in Chicago with (you guessed it) his brothers.  So it was just me and the boys for the weekend.  I have mad respect for simgle moms!  Some times I was like ok this isn't awful, then 10 minutes later I'm tearing my hair out.  Because I am adventurous or some would say crazy I took the boys out to dinner at Logans Roadhouse.  And they were great!  So much so that we were complimented by the dining patrons around us!  Call me shocked and so proud of my boys.  Yeah, it was a good mommy moment.

Memories, I'm not alone in the darkness.  Yes, CATS reference.  And this weekend we will make more memories celebrating Easter, the death and ressurection of Jesus, and continuing old and new traditions.

Happy Easter!  Happy Passover, and if you are neither christian nor jewish, happy weekend!


Heidi said...

happy easter! love the pics. they are getting so big tisha. i hope to meet them one day! xoxo

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your Easter disclaimer : )
I am glad you survived single mommydom for a week. I only have one, and when Gary is gone for a while I go crazy. 2 is better than one, right?