Friday, August 5, 2011

Butt hot and busy

It has butt hot lately!  Good grief and holy heatwave, Batman!  Lets just say I'm glad I'm not a construction worker.  Traffic is crawling on my commute home, but its all good because it gives me time to write a post finally!

I started a diet a few weeks ago and am now thoroughly sick of bland salad.  On the up side I've lost about 14 lbs but have now abruptly stopped for some reason.  I think I wasnt eating enough.

bored yet?  I sure am.  Why, when I have the time to write a post, am I so stuck as to what to say.  When I'm super busy random inspired thoughts and insights will pop into my head, but now...crickets.  Random words that are now popping in my head -

Will ferrell
Cheerleader sketch with cheri oteri
"and now I'm spent"
Austen powers
Elizabeth Haselbeck
The view

And I'll stop there.  Did you follow the stream?  If so, congrats and welcome to my crazy head.  Enjoy your weekend, may it be full of F-U-N!


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. The boys are getting so big. You look beautiful. I need a diet. Seriously. I NEED a diet. Love, your very, very fat friend, Beck : )

Rochelle said...

Hey girl -- congrats on the weight loss... I'm done with vacations and starting one tomorrow -- just don't know what for sure! And the random thoughts... i find myself writing blog posts all the time too!