Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscars...Did you watch? What did you think?

Nowadays I only watch for the dresses, hair, and who they bring.

Best Overall Looks:
Jennifer Garner
Katherine Heigl
Heidi Klum
Penelope Cruz

Not so hot looks:
Jennier Hudson (sadly she did not learn from last year)
Jessica Alba (bad pregnancy dress, icksnay on the feathers, she could have done better)
Cate Blanchett (surprise as usually she is a fave)
Nicole Kidman (weird monstrosity of bling ruined what was otherwise a fine dress)

OK and is it just me or did you also get deja vu when you saw Cameron Diaz in her dress? Jon Stewart's Monologue was just OK. I think Billy Crystal should do the opening with a song and dance EVERY Oscar.

Oh and Angelina and Brad... Pregnant again! I wonder if she would give me a grant to adopt a child from a foreign 3rd world country...


Kelle said...

I thought of you while watching. Remember our Oscar parties? I watch every year just because it's what I do. I DVRed a lot this year so I can fast forward. LOVE the color red on anyone this year...Anne Hathaway, Katherine Heigl, Heidi Klum...delish. And, I think pregnancy is so stinkin' beautiful, that I have to say ANYONE who was pregnant looks marv...but I'll have to get a better look at Jessica and Cate.

Tisha said...

Yes, I remember the Oscar parties. I think of you every year the oscars are on. :)

Oh thank the good Lord for DVR!

Pregnancy is beautiful, but I hold actresses to a higher standard and I thought the dresses could have been a bit better. I would have like Nicole's better had it been more colorful and with less of the bling. Cate's neckline on her dress was a bit scary. Well, and Jessica Alba isnt my favorite actress right now so that could have colored my judgement. I LOVED the year Catherin Zeta Jones was pregnant at the Oscars. She looked Beautiful. And the year Marcia Gay Harden was HUGE with twins, she was beautiful too.

they keep me laughing said...

I'm sad I missed them! :( Oh well....didn't know any of the movies being nominated anyways. I've fallen out of touch with the "tv/movie" world since having kids.

cjs said...

hmmmm...I did not watch (gasp).

I will watch clips on E and give you my rundown.

Is it possible for Jennifer Garner to look anything but stunning? I think not.

will report back soon.

Hillary said...

In a nutshell, this year's Oscars were BORING

The hightlights:
(1) Daniel Day Lewis's pseudo-extemporaneous acceptance speech. We know you rehearsed for months, Daniel! You're not fooling anyone!
(2) Cameron Diaz flubbing her pronunciation of the word "cinematography" and then overcompensating with confidence and looking weird
(3) John Stewart's joke about "Gaydolf Titler"
(4) The ravishing beauty of Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Garner, and Katherine Heigl
(5) Jack Nicolson (nuff said)

The lowlights:
(1) The surliness of the Coen brothers. (The short one needs a serious attitude adjustment.)
(2) P.T. Anderson not willing Best Director for There Will Be Blood
(3) The absence of Keira Knightley. I wonder how anorexic she looks now!
(4) Laura Linney not winning Best Actress for The Savages. (I know it was a stretch.)
(5) Helen Mirren and Nicole Kidman. (They're colder than penguins. Brrr!)

Tisha said...

Gaydolf Titler... I may have to name my next kid that.