Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jonah wanted to blog...

, b fhmxbghldefgvfbbnhg t

I'm not sure what he typed but I am SURE it was deeply profound.

He stands alone and walks
while holding onto things.
I believe the experts
call that "cruising".

Yes, my boy cruises.

Someone once commented that Jonah is always so happy...not so my friend, not so.

Poor Mr. JB is sick.

Please pray for him tonight.

He is all congesty.


Kelle said...

Oh, that's so cute!!! Love his brown cozy sweater too! I read what he wrote to Lainey and she smiled. I think she understands. No fair. They have a "no adults allowed" baby club with their own language.

gracified said...

Tisha your pictures are so beautiful! I especially love that last one- does that make me a bad person? Anyway, you are a talent! The lighting, etc.
I look forward to photos to come.

Tisha said...

don't feel bad, its my favorite of the bunch too. i also love the 2nd one because you can see how tight he's gripping the window sill.

they keep me laughing said...

I cracked up laughing when I saw the last one. That is how I will forever remember my JonahMicahNahumandHabakuk (the books of the Bible following Jonah for non-Bible readers lol) That face is engrained in my mind. That is all I see when I babysit. Poor Jonah. No love for Aunt Tasha

Tisha said...

THATS why he was crying! He was having flashbacks of being at Aunt Tasha's house!


actually not, he had bumped his chin on the windowsill.

they keep me laughing said...

flashbacks of the mean aunt that makes him "cry it out". haha