Friday, February 22, 2008


No more Ennui - Just Love for my Jonah B!

So thankful its FRIDAY!!!
This week has seemed
Really LONG.

So Josh is spending
the night tonight,
here's the only evidence
of the fun I could get!

He is not surprisingly camera shy!

When he was small he drank lots of "cocoa milk".

Now that he is older he has moved onto more "healthy" drinks.

This last one was too funny so I had to add it!

Here's some "Just Jonah" yumminess from tonight:


cjs said...

josh! and he looks the same!

love these pics. there's just something about jonah boy that makes me smile.

Kelle said...

Boo Hoo! The pics won't come up on mine! There's little "x"'s where they should be and I wanna see!!

Kelle said...

YAY! I can see them now. Josh DOES look the same! Does he still chew on your hair? Ha! Oh, Jonah is so sweet!

Tisha said...

ok watch this video - josh made it:

if you watch MadTV...

they keep me laughing said...

Josh looks like he has devil eyes in the one with his favorite drink. lol