Friday, February 15, 2008

Pardon me while I wax philosophical...

Ok so my blog name - Life Changes - I stay the same. Life does change. Marriage, babies, families, friends, age, etc. I try to stay the same, be the same person, and have the same sunny outlook on life.

Recently, I've been going through a phase of "reconnection". Most everyone has said, "Wow Tisha you haven't changed at all...". It is important to note that these are people I have not seen in over 10 years. So now I must ask myself if I consider this a good thing or a bad thing. Have I not grown as a person or is it that I have not allowed the life changes to change me? I prefer to think the latter.

So this is my second attempt at blogging. So as not to repeat the disastrous mistakes of my first blogging attempt I will:

1. Not post more than 2 blogs per day so as to avoid burnout.
2. Not feel the need to get every sentence exactly right (this may not be possible).
3. Not obsess over comments and about if what I said was interesting enough.

The boy is asleep so I am going to Target. I am publishing and not re-reading again.
See you tomorrow Blogger. Good Night and Good Luck.


Kelle said...

Can't get enough of his sweet picture! "Staying the same" is like coming home after years of being away...the paint may be chipped, the boards a little squeaky, but it's always home, and no one wants home to change too much! Ah,'s my "Paris." A tiny vacation 2 miles from home. Enjoy!

cjs said...

smiling at your words.

they keep me laughing said...

No, you haven't changed much at all. Except that you're a mommy now. You could probably stand to have a few more feelings though....