Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Readers...

So its Wed. night again and the boy is at Grandma's. I miss him.

Here is one of the two highlights of my evening - A Red Robin Royal Red Robin Burger. A Royal Red Robin Burger at first sounds gross. It actually took me about a couple years to try it, but now that I have it might be my favourite there. It is a cholesterol nightmare, but its a tasty one. It is not for the faint of heart. Sadly, I could not finish whole thing.

Highlight number 2 and probably the highest of the 2 highlights is pictured to the left. COLDSTONE CREAMERY! If you have not had an ice cream from Coldstone Creamery then you are missing out on one of life's sweetest pleasures. Seriously, think of your favourite flavour (yes, "-our" 'cuz i like it better) of ice cream and then multiply that tastiness by 100. It is THAT good. Now I must also add that coldstone is only for the ice cream connoisseur. It is not a low budgetary ice cream. To me its like the difference between a Hershey bar and Godiva.There's nothing wrong with a Hershey bar but, it's good to have Godiva chocolates every once in a while. So Treat yourself!

Oh and tonight we also went shopping for Dining Room furniture. I SO need/want a new dining set. We are still working with the one we received used from someone else who also received it used. It has been well used. Now that I have a house I am considering this a code red priority for purchases. I'm looking for a dark stain, like a dark chocolate cherry. Here is the dining room table set (4 chairs and table for $699) I think I like from Art Van. My only hesitance is the chair design. Do they look too much like folding chairs? I want something modern and elegant, but not overly so. I'm going for Pottery Barn without the Pottery Barn price.

Although my favourite of ALL is the Amherst table in Mahogony finish by PB. Actually, I love the black as well. Of course, the table alone is $200 more than the whole Art Van set.

The question is, is the Amherst with 4 Aaron chairs worth $1000 m0re? Better Question, is PB better quality or do I just think that because its PB?

EVEN Better yet, why am I awake when I could be getting a FULL nights sleep?!?!?!

Good night and Good luck!

Please share your thoughts about my table dilemma!


cjs said...

Hmmmmm....I love the PB choice. I say go with the one you LOVE. Looking back at previous purchases (from dining sets to shoes), I've often not gone for what I LOVE. When you don't LOVE it, you treat it differently. I just bought a pair of full price shoes at Macy's for $60...I never pay full price, but I LOVE them. I'm so glad I waited. I happen to think a set from PB will be better quality. And just think how often you'll use it! Think of all the memories you'll be making at your dining room table. I say splurge, even if you have to wait a while longer to buy it.

cjs said...

One more thing...I LOVE Red Robin. The blue ribbon burger is the cheese and onion straws. Oh my delish.

And cold stone? We have one in E.L. Divinity. I'd much rather have a little helping of C.S. than a huge bowl of private selection from Kroger any day.

they keep me laughing said...

COPY CAT! :) lol you're just getting a new dining room set cuz I told you we're getting one! hehe j/k - the pottery barn one is way cooler than the other one. the other one looks too old ladyish.

Kelle said...

I agree on the "Go with what you love", but look around more because you might find one you love that isn't as pricey as PB. Have you tried Cost Plus World Market? I saw a beautiful dining set there the other day!

Tisha said...

I wonder if I could just get the table from PB and the chairs from somewhere else?