Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I (sometimes) hate the internet...

For first time moms the internet can be a wonderful and hateful tool. Today my mom suggests that Jonah might have pneumonia because he has a "rattle". So what do I do? Google pneumonia and infants which says that the symptoms he has are probably pneumonia. Ok, so what's the standard treatment? Antibiotics, which he has. I also spy this. I'm trying not to freak out. I am giving him at least 48 hours on the antibiotic. I am praying it works. I will NOT be a freaked out, neurotic mom.


cjs said...

Yes, that should be the first rule in every child birth class for every mother to be. They should make you sign a form on the first day of class that you will never google a symptom of any kind for your baby, or any loved one for that matter.



they keep me laughing said...

yes, i think you google sickness too much, tish! lol well said, Car.