Monday, March 3, 2008

My Jonah Friday

Jonah went to work with me last Friday. He was such a good boy! He played, had lunch with his buddy Blake, and played some more! I have a whole set up for when I sometimes bring him to work. I don't bring him very often though as I don't want to abuse the privilege. Everyone at work enjoys his happy face.
When we got home later that night we had more fun. He dressed up as mommy's own little Easter Bunny!


they keep me laughing said...

the bunny ears definately make him look "special" hehe

nahid said...

that's sheer joy on Jonah's face!! If only a pair of bunny ears could make me so happy....maybe i'll buy a pair on the way home. :)

gracified said...

I absolutely love the first bunny ear photo. His face is priceless! You should make that your computer desktop wallpaper.