Thursday, April 10, 2008

love these!

This is in Marietta, GA.

Jonah with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear at the World of Coke in Atlanta.


they keep me laughing said...

love the outside pics! too adorable. i love him grabbing onto nathan's legs. that's cute.

Kelle said...

Oh, those are precious!!! Hey, didn't we go to Coca-Cola plant in Atlanta together? Do you remember? Am I losing it? I'm sure we did...and Underground Atlanta. We have wonderful memories...remember out west? remember river trips to Wayne's place? remember Joylynn losing her shoes all the time? remember Caseville? those memories!

Tisha said...

we do have LOTS of good memories, remember all the mystery trips?

oh good grief remember selling m&m's for the out west trip?

they keep me laughing said...

oh my goodness! selling m&m's! lol I remember standing outside the montrose state bank selling those. good times. good times lol
i wanna go out west again! that was too fun! i remember riding on the motorcycles on the mountains. remember how much fun we had? remember dragging josh all around like he was a rag doll?