Friday, April 11, 2008

New Book for Joners

I am trying to buy him 1 book a week so that we can have a good collection. Last week was The Pokey Little Puppy.


Meghan said...

we had a book party for will's first birthday. we got corduroy (big board book) from a friend. he has yet to look at it because big brother snatched it away and wants to keep it in his room. every night he tells me i'm not reading it right - he corrects my emphasis when the night watchman says, "what are you doing here?" i have yet to get through that page without being corrected. HA!

Hillary said...

Tisha! The Pokey Little Puppy was one of my favorite books as a kid because the puppy eats chocolate pudding in it and, as you know, I'm a chow hound. I love that Joners has it now!!!
Have a fabulous weekend, my sweet!