Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am beat. While nathan was praying for dinner I thought I fell asleep. He's a really short meal prayer too! My kid did me in today. We went shopping after church and the whole time was spent chasing Jonah. He didn't want to be in his stroller or later in the shopping cart or later yet in the beco carrier. He wouldn't stop kissing himself in the mirror of the dressing room (that was funny). Besides kissing himself he wanted to run and terrorize the store. Seriously he was the kid that you watch and just think why can't those parent control him? He wasn't bad just busy busy busy. All I could do was laugh and hurry with my shopping.

On a semi-sad note, we are on the way to packing up the bottles. We purchased more of these sippy's at Burlington today. I always feel weird shopping at Burlington Coat Factory for baby stuff, kinda ghetto. But if you'd seen the Michigan area Burlington's you'd feel the same way. Anyway he calls them ba-ba's and has yet to complain when I give him one instead of his usual bottle. All the other ones have illicited a complaint when he REALLY wanted his ba-ba. I'm not super sad though it's all growth.

Current Odd thing Jonah does - While lying on his back he throws his leg through the bars of his crib. Of course he gets it stuck. This leads to yelling and crying. Of course, this happens either 20-30 minutes after he's been asleep or in the middle of the night/wee hours of the morning. I'm not quite sure what to do. It's not so regular that I need to line his bed with mesh, but if it keeps happening maybe that's my only option.

Current Favorite thing Jonah does - He walks up to me, turns around, then backs into my lap, and sits. I love it.

ok, I am off to BED - SLEEPY Time for this worn out Momma!

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Kelle said...

Too funny...LL uses those same ba-bas and actually likes those Nuk cups too! We've tried all cups...I have to take the valves out cuz her suck isn't strong enough to bipass the spill-proof things. Love that he kisses himself in the mirror and double love that he backs up into your lap. Can't wait until LL does that, but...oh wait...she has to walk still! (she gave up on walking for awhile)