Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This boy eats...

Usually on saturday mornings we go out for breakfast. Jonah LOVES breakfast. I love watching his slightly uncoordinated hands try to use the fork. I love that he get so excited about his food that he abandons his fork and starts shoving it in his mouth and in his hair. Although that was the first time he actually lifted the bowl to his face - hilarious.

Breakfast Appetizer: Pumpkin Bread - Oh so yummy!
I must shove it ALL in my mouth...
It's good to the Last crumb!

Now for my main course - dig in!

I can't believe I ate it all!

My J loves food. I don't know where he gets that from...


Meghan said...

oh he looks like such a fun and happy boy. i love the picture of him trying to shove crumbs in his mouth but it looks like his hands just won't fit them in. how frustrating! it would be fun to see j and beans in an eating contest.

Kelle said...

the last one made me laugh out loud because the look on his face is so perplexed...like he can't believe he ate it all! He is so precious...I love him! Wish he lived near ll so they could be buds! ll is sending him a little piece of mail tomorrow!

they keep me laughing said...

i love the picture of him holding the bowl up to his face! good to the last drop! :)