Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jonah's cognitive update

I love watching his learning progress. Everyday he does something new. Please pardon me while I have a "wow, my child is magnificent moment".

Wednesday he showed off his counting skills. I said the usual One, then he answered Two! It was not just a one time thing either, I keep saying one, he keeps saying two! Brilliant!

We have been working on colors for the past few days as well. Just this afternoon I discovered he now knows the difference between blue and yellow. I ask what color something blue is - he says blue. I ask what color something yellow is - he says yellow. Genius!

Jonah can make the sounds for:
Cow, Pig, Sheep, Horse, Cat, Dog, Bear, Lion, Tiger, Frog, Coyote, Duck, Train, Car. Animal Noise Making Prodigy!

He says:
Momma, Dada, Papa, Oscar (his friend at school, sounds more like Ahh'-Ka), School, Bye-bye, Cookie, Cracker, night-night, go, all done, no-no, baba, all gone, down, amen, bible, Whoa!, car, poo-poo, baby, turtle, blue, yellow, hi, hello, two (after i say one). Future Linguist!

Just a couple funny anecdotes to add:
He fold his hands to pray, but if you pray too long he says amen when he thinks you should be finished. We ask, Jonah what do you do in your diaper? His reply: Poo-Poo. Hilarious.

Why might Jonah be so smart?
He has clear nerve connections through out his body. Right after we left the hospital we went to see our chiropractor, Dr. Erica Peabody, for Jonah's first adjustment. He has had regular adjustments ever since. I like to think that part of why he's SO smart is because his neurological system is so well adjusted. I just found my chripractor's blog and Jonah and I are pictured on it at Jonah's FIRST adjustment. Please disregard me in the pic as I was 5 days post c-section and, well, didn't look so hot.


Kelle said...

Oh, love this! This age is crazy, and I leave the baby book out these days with a pen beside it because I am constantly writing the new words, the new things, the new discoveries she can make. Jonah is a bit more verbal though...holy cow! (and I bet he can say that). And, had to laugh at "Whoa" and wasn't until I clicked on that link that I remember just how in love with him you were. How much money did you waste on Tiger Beat magazines just to get a poster of him? Ha!

they keep me laughing said...

cute post. jonah is smart. :) i love hearing him say "oscar". it's too cute.