Thursday, October 2, 2008

sick babies and ds pages

Poor baby J. We took him to the dr. today at Grandma's insistence. Grammy's know best. Poor baby has a double ear infection. Yes, you heard correctly a double as in Both. Ears. Infected.

While I try to do that natural non-antibiotic thing most of the time, sometimes dr's are best. For double ear infections dr's are best. On the brighter side, when he is sick he is very very cuddly and clingy with his momma and this momma loves a cuddly baby j.

So while my poor sick baby with the double ear infection sleeps upstairs I worked some more on his book. I am on 8 months...only 4 more months to go! here are the 4 pages I have so far.


By the way, do not google amoxicillin and look for pics of the medicine to post. It leads to scary pictures to make mommy's paranoid.

Going to bed now, going to check on baby boy, going to possibly sleep on baby boy's floor tonight.


Meghan said...

sweet pea used to have lots of ear infections and most of the time antibiotics didn't work. after about 11/2 years of that pain and suffering we got tubes and he has only been sick twice in the last year and has had no ear infections! ear infection pain must be the worst thing for those little kiddos. i hope jonah is feeling better....and you got some sleep last night:)

Kelle said...

oh, poor babes. love the last digi scrap pages. it's so addicting. i did two yesterday after you post inspired me. p.s. lainey's been carrying jonah's new picture around and i had to laugh the other day...i was taking a shower and looked down and jonah was looking up at me. his pic was in the shower and that photo paper must be made out of kryptonite or something because after a layer of rinsed-off shampoo and a good dousing of shower water, it's as good as new!