Saturday, November 22, 2008

C'mon big post, big post....

I know, I know I'm past due for a post. Work has been kickin my butt lately, so much so that I barely have time to read other blogs, let alone post something new. Anyway so the boy is down for a nap and it's saturday. So I also need to clean the house, put up the Christmas stuff, go to Penney's cuz they have a huge sale, bake muffins, and start packing for Atlanta; but instead I am going to post.

It's finally started feeling like winter here. It even snowed and iced up the roads this week. Love the snow...HATE the ice. I turn into grandma driver when its snowy. I see snow and instantly i'm driving 30. I see the barest hint of a sheen on the road I immediately think black ice. So, if in the summer the road is wet and you see a yellow mitsubishi crawling on the freeway, it's me. Watch Out for the black ice. Ya never know when it's gonna strike. It's sneaky.


As I thought he would, Jonah loves the snow. He really liked to eat the snow. I told him not to eat the yellow snow. I think that night he said snow. He loves to eat ice cubes. He even says Ice cube. He also says sweep. He LOVES to sweep. I hope he's a good snow shoveler this winter.

Last night was my Dad's 54th birthday party. He's actually 60, but i refuse to think my parents are getting old so I stopped counting at 54.

The boys all wanted to sit on Uncle Josh's lap to watch Papa open his "presents". Um, what a handsome face mason...

They are the same height, but Jonah must eat rocks because he weighs like twice as much. Love that pic of Mason.


Jonah got his first haircut last night. Thank you Aunt Tasha for saving us $15 and trimming Jonah's "party in the back".

He did pretty good up until the very end. Glad we didnt have to pull out the trimmer! I think that would have traumatized him.

I thought I'd close with pictures of my office. Sadly, it doesnt have windows so I had to make my own. I have a view of lake Michigan and one of the Mackinaw bridge thanks to 24x36 pictures of Jonah and daddy. I'd rather have those than windows any day!

My Desk. I keep the hello kitty stuff confined to my office (except for my hello kitty toaster oven).

OK, so dilemma... real tree or fake tree... I would really like a tall 9 ft. slender tree, but finding one of those real is like well, rare, to say the least.

So this is the plan... Fake tree in the living room, put up this weekend. Real tree in the family room put up after Thanksgiving. This will be the test year. If it doesn't work out this year then I will buy my 9 ft tree after christmas on clearance! I may do that anyway just so I have it as a back up...I like options.


Kelle said...

YAY! BIG FAT LOVELY POST!! Love the haircut...big moment! And Josh looks so big! And your dad looks exactly the same. and that snow made me want to fly up right this second. I love the's so cozy. But, yes...hate the ice. And I wish we could have a real tree, but they just don't last long seeing as they're already two weeks into their out-of-ground lifespan once they get off the truck and make it to florida. So, we do have the 9 ft. slimline...strangley too perfectly proportioned, but pretty nonetheless. you do what ya gotta do. that picture of mason is presh.

they keep me laughing said...

LOVE the picture of mason and the boys sitting on josh. WHAT IS UP WITH HIS FACE?! OH.MY! he makes the funniest faces when he sees a camera. he's such a ham.

i seriously thought dad was turning 63 this year!!! when you said something about him being 60 i almost opened my mouth and said, "uh-uh! he's 63!" lol boy, dad woulda loved me for that one!
i don't know why but i thought mom and dad turned 63 this year.

do you really like jonah's haircut? i wanted to trim the sides really bad too! :) it looks much nicer now without the "party in the back" as uncle chris called it.

love the pictures of jonah in the snow. can't wait to get more good pictures of the boys this winter. i wish i lived near the woods so i could get good tree pictures with the snow all over them. especially when there's been freezing rain and it's all glistening on the trees! LOVE THAT!!! wanna try to get pics of that this winter but don't know how good it will turn out on my camera

thanks for the long overdo post! i've been checking everday

Meghan said...

sweet pea and i are sitting here talking about how cute jonah is. what great pictures!! hope you are enjoying the snow. we are back to 60 degree weather in denver - boo!!!