Wednesday, November 12, 2008

huh? Finally...

I know its been too long since my last post. It's been busy and I've been tired and well I can't think of any more excuses. Here are pics, its late (for me) and I can't think anymore. I just finished sewing a water resistant blanket which turned out maybe just OK. I also fashioned a cover of sorts for the portable DVD player so that Jonah can't push the buttons. Eyes. Are. Tired. Brain. Is. Tired. Body... you get the idea. I will update this post with maybe more thoughts when my brain is functioning at more than 5% of its capacity.

Tea and Co. in Holly. I love it there. It screams shabby chic. I think Anne (of the green gables) would approve.
This is a pic of the ceiling. Every detail was carefully planned out. My pictures don't do the coziness of the place justice.

Just a sweet boy on a stoop, looking for a friend...

yup, they will ALWAYS be in bloom

our new household friend, Sheldon. He's a miracle worker. He really deserves his own post and maybe a poem in his honor. Ode, to Sheldy, a faithful roomba...

Evidence of miraculous work - vacuum lines.

even in the bitter cold we go outside...yup we are from the north.

"fun" at a our neighbors flag football game. it was freezing!

go #4!


they keep me laughing said...

was that football game in their yard or at a school? it looked like fun and cold! i love the shiny snot under jonah's nose. love the vases on the table of that restaurant! i think i've been there once. it looked familiar. i love places like that. i love the old victorian style.

Meghan said...

i love how jonah's bib is sticking out of his incredibly bundled up body!! i can so relate to the bib as an accessory (for a baby, not me:)). yay for tuesdays! i wish i could call you up and see if jonah wanted to meet beans at the park....

Anonymous said...

Is that your home? I love the writting along the ceiling - very cool!

You should give me your email address so I dont have to leave silly things like this in comments.. haha! I'm planning a birthday party (1!) for Brooklyn and was wondering if your family wanted to come! I love little Jonah.. he's so sweet with Brooke. It isnt for a few months but I'm starting the planning now and wanted to invite some friends of hers from daycare and Jonah was the first to come to mind! It would be at our (tiny) home in Fenton.. I think. Jan 31, 2009. :) My email: or

Kelle said...

WHERE ARE YOUR POSTS?!!! I miss them so!!! Come ON, Girl! I need more Jonah. I love that tea place...want to go bad. And the Roomba? Heaven. He'd break in my house from all the crap on the floor. POST!!!
okay. p.s. i miss your comments too. but really, I miss your posts most.